High level weaves timer

I kind feel that the mission timer ruins weaves atm. I know its meant as a challenge but with the absurd amounts of health enemy have and the sheer numbers on some of the weaves going through the level on a legitamate way just isnt really a option. It takes to much time to hack through all of the stuff that gets thrown at you that you just run out of time eventually.
Especially since the exploits of despawning have been fixed this stands out even more. Safespot camping and before s4 update rushing map and despawning are the ways 95% of us did weaves. And the reason i think this happened wasn’t because they are to hard. I actaully think all weaves could be beatable normally, just not with the timer. in my opinion increasing or getting rid of the timer entirely would make weaves way more enjoyable and would leed to less need of exploitation.


I totally agree. What I don’t like the most is that the damn timer makes people play with only one ‘tactics’ - crazy rush. This always leads to failure, people always leave the group after the first failure!
(I don’t like rushing at all, and never speedrun. My solo Legends with bots go on for 40 minutes and I feel good - but think about it, during this time a cunning random will collect rewards from three groups through qp.)

Damn it, do the Developers understand how difficult it is to put together a group for Weaves? I can search for months, persuade and beg for weeks, sit and wait for the whole day off and wait until “His Majesty no-name” will condescend to me! Then, after the first defeat, he leaves, for hib is “boring”, the group is destroyed. Looking for damn help again!

I did Seasons 2 and 3 for several months - and only 40 of the first Weaves were made!

Yesterday I gonna mad and made 32 first Weaves in one day after update, but how long will it take me to make the rest???.

Hell, only 40 first Weaves - am I asking that much?

There is a steam group chat for weaves, there you can find most of the ppl that actually play weaves in the first place. Did season 2 and 3 up to 120. Its kinda stupid though that you need to know about that group chat to actually be able to play weaves.

Thx, but In fact, I know about it. It doesn’t help, no one will play the already passed Weaves, especially the lower ones. Also, as I said, everyone wants to get through the Шeaves as quickly as possible (including due to the “time limit”), but I don’t like rushing.

I already gave @Ghoth1ckov1tch the link a while ago.

And that’s simply not true. Sure you will need some luck finding players on the same wavelength and it may take a while to find groups, but as far as I can tell - and I’m sure @Muesliriegel can confirm it - if you are willing to play, you’ll find ppl for any weave. There are players who do Weaves exclusively and help out through the whole season aswell.

I understand that the matchmaking is the core problem here and the group is not the best solution for some ppl. But it’s the only one - well one of the best - we have atm.

I will just leave some links here for ppl who are actually willing to do weaves:

Steam Group
The Squirrel Squad Discord
The Red Moon Inn Discord
and The Official Vermintide Discord

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Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu