WoM Feedback for devs - waiting around for weave players is a huge problem

I’ve posted this on Steam but wanted to post it here as well, incase the Steam post gets lost in all the various topics coming in about WoM:

As I advance higher through the weaves it has become more and more difficult to match up with players. I am currently on weave 21 and I still haven’t found a group after 1 hour of hosting a game. I joined another weave 21 game and the same thing happened, it was the two of us waiting for a third and it never happened. On a side note, after all my games in WoM I’ve only ever had a 4 player group twice, it is too rare an occurrence in quickplay which I think speaks to this problem as well.

I realise we can’t have bots like we do in the campaign because our bots would need to be levelled by us and it could take months to do that. What I suggest is you give us a different kind of bot that are prebuilt weave specific avatars, that we don’t own or lvl up, we don’t equip them with gear or anything, they are prebuilt to help with the load.

I wouldn’t mind if you gave us score penalties for taking them, I just want to advance through the weaves and unlock the challenges without having to wait 1+ hour per game.

I have 3 friends who have WoM. I gifted them because I think this is great content despite this issue, but we are only online together for a limited amount of time and now our progress is all staggered because of this problem. Replaying previous weaves with randoms doesn’t give us a good enough essence bonus, so it feels like a waste of time.


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