Weave matchmaking solution?

Not sure if feasible, but:

Player 1 “nominates” weave. Then he can go play regular mode while waiting. Other players can join player 1’s nomination. Each sees notification of each nomination. When 3 or 4 nominate, players can go to keep and start weave game.

Likely a big part of current problem is nobody wants to start weave and wait for 5 minutes for nothing. I check matchmaking and get no results and leave. So this way you don’t have to stand around. Maybe could show weave nomination list in normal-mode matchmaking module to further increase availability.

[I also mentioned this in FS survey]

And here we are, no deeds overhaul, reasonable crafting was made but not added to the main game and a neat feature winds was added to a game mode I don’t want. Yeah that sucks, but now that the matchmaking was a disaster and we’ve doubled down for a season two of it, we gotta drag its bloated corpse around trying to figure out what kind of roses we can put on it to make it less terrible.

Its not that you can’t fix the problems its the amount of crap you have to work around. Its the fact that they went so far out of the way to separate essence, athanor and weaves form the base game that the pretty much have to separately develop the systems from here on out. I’d rather they just scrap it all roll the maps and winds into a deeds overhaul and forget the essence system entirely.

But we’re not gonna get that, so sure host picks weave everyone else QPs into a range sure that’s a solution. Give an essence/shilling (once emporium comes out) reward for QPing and helping the host complete their levels. There’s a ton of reasonable suggestions to fix the matchmaking then we can divert more resources to fixing the rest of the issues that should have been figured out before the release. If only some ENTIRE GROUP OF BETA TESTERS had given some sort of warning. Or just leave the system to rot that would be fine too.

Edit: Yeah I’m bitter I’ve probably made at least one post quite similar to this post before. The issue with any time someone has the question “How do we improve weaves?” I can’t help but see in my head a little yellow post-it note with the words “Literally Anything” on it.


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