Season 2 lobbybrowser and matchmaking

Hello ,First thanks for the patch.
i don’t know if it is intentional or not, but now that the season 2 have started, i notice that the weave system is still like the beta one, i mean in lobby browser you can join weave game through lobby browser plus you also got a matchmaking system.
And yesterday i was just looking for a weave game, but can’t join any, all of them are private.
So i tryied to host my game, and surprise… you can’t set the game to be public…
In season 1 you could join weave game through lobby browser, so random people can come and help you, this system is good for people who don’t have much friend in this game.
So now the weave game are only private i don’t know if it is intentional or not, but this is really bad for weave game.
If its not hope you guys fix it quickly because, once the few first weeks of a season past, for player like me, we won’t be able to find player and game to join as easily as it is right now.

thank for reading

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Needs ASAP HOTFIX imo. But I don’t think we’ll get it. It looks like they wanna force us to play quickplay weaves as much as possible.

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Yeah, definitely seconding this - there’s clearly a lot of people playing s2 weaves, at least more than s1 but no one can join one another because the ranked weaves are all private.

In s1 I loved hopping in lower weaves and helping out people when I couldn’t find a team for my own weaves and now we can’t do that at all. Quickplay Weaves is not the same thing because its rewards aren’t as good as Ranked and it doesn’t have that “upward climb” that you help out with. There’s a sense of progression in Ranked Weaves that isn’t there in random QP Weaves.

And, obviously, it makes Ranked weaves completely unviable for huge amounts of the population. Imagine if they removed the quickplay matching system? There’d be no game. “Play only with who you know” isn’t a viable game system.

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