Season 2 weave lobby browser

Hi, so the fact that weave are impossible to join through lobby browser ( private game) is intentional i guess ? since fatshark didn’t mention anything about it, and it been 3 week since the season 2 start.

it’s been acknowledged as a bug by Julia afaik. A fix will come.

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Two weeks. But yea, Hedge said that they will fix this (so they did mention it although only as answer in a forum thread)

Then again, it has been two weeks and I would like to see this fix rather sooner than later.

They fixed some stuff few days ago, which include weave 95 crash, but no lobby browser fix.
I am a bit frustrated to be honested about it, i mean this fix should have been made a little bit faster… , its not like a huge change in the game.
Also you have to take in consideration, the fact thah the further we advance in time in the season the less player will playing weave… .
For season 1 tbh even without much friend , but thanks to lobby browser system i did manage to finish the 120 first weave, i think for thie season the grind gonna be the same, i would’ve love to be able to join random game in the rush of the few first week to progress as much as possible before people don’t play weave, or finish the 120 weave season 2 achievement after first 2-3 week.

Well just hope that this fix is still not forget by the devlopper, and we can get it before an other month…

Believe me. I sit in the same boat and want to play the Weaves in public games. For now I’m just soloing a few of the easier Weaves. They shouldn’t take to long. But I think there are several people waiting for the fix. So if it is here, there should be a surge of new players.
In addition, premade teams seem to be near the finish line or are already there. So they may also stream into the lower Weaves pool to help new players. After everything I heard the Season 2 Weaves are much better balanced and not as pain inducing in the area from 100-120. Didn’t complete Season 1 but may be able to do this season.

Yeah people said the difficulty of cata 3 has been reduced, just hope they didn’t forget that’s this problem still occur, and just hoping for a fix asap :s.