Still problems with Quickplay Weaves

Season 4 is coming soon, but too many of Weaves’ problems have not been fixed. I am especially concerned about two:

Problem # 1 - Impossibility of private play in Quickplay Weaves. Bug and / or nonsense.
Problem # 2 - Broken Bots Traits. Just bug.

#1 - If I host (which is always) in Quickplay Weaves then I cannot make my game private. Party Checkbox is just broken, inactive, gray - I can’t click on it. The group is always open because of this.

#2 - Bots (and only bots) in Quickplay Weaves have non-working traits. Especially - Natural Bond (they do not regenerate and waste first aid kits / health potions). In general, all traits of the “necklace” group are probably broken; + 20% heal doesn’t work either.
Some other talents / traits / properties may not work the same way. This must be checked and fixed.

It is also necessary to fix the maps themselves so that bots (live players too) do not get stuck in obstacles. It is advisable to fix the victory conditions, the melee class like GK cannot reach the high-located essence crystals.

I really want to play Weaves, and that flaws just prevent me from playing.


After patch 3.4 (my observations):

  • Various loading screens returned with Olessiа’s comments.

  • In Quickplay Weaves - Natural Bond works for bots now, bots regenerate BUT this does not affect their behavior!
    They’re still wasting healing supplies and potions after the first scratch. Getting white health!

  • At the same time, + 30% revive speed apparently does not work for bots. They revive for longer than on normal maps with + 30% revive speed property.

  • 20% health bonus is displayed now.

  • I still cannot, as a host, make Quickplay Weaves private. This saddens me the most.

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