Let me make my Quickplay Weaves game private!

I play Quickplay Weaves solo on Legend all the time.
Perhaps this would be my favorite mode in the game, if not for this nonsense: As a host, I cannot make my game private after start!

Party Checkbox” is gray, inactive, just broken! Fix it please!

Why this is necessary is obvious.

But now a new problem has arisen - as I read on the forums, problems with mods can lead to a crash when another player joins. I have already encountered crashes in Quickplay Weaves several times, and lost enough games because of this. I think so.

If nobody joins, crashes don’t happen.

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This problem has existed for a long time. And still not resolved.

As definitely solo player, and having bots in Quickplay Weaves, I naturally want to play solo with bots. But people don’t understand that I cannot technically make my game private.

It is beyond understanding why it cannot be fixed. This is something of “forced socialization”, but why? I will not find friends by this way, because people who invade my game don’t want to actually play it - they need a stupid frame for 40 Quickplay Weaves and fast! And they never want to play Ranked Weaves later, so that doesn’t help either.

I play, I want to play it for the sake of the process (and humble rewards, yeah). I love this game mode, but the problem mentioned in the thread is ruining my games.

Worst of all, Quickplay Weaves has no alternative. I cannot choose Weave map for private play with bots, and Ranked Weaves don’t have bots, which is also very bad.