About ranked Weaves

Hello, i started playing weaves recently and found them pretty cool as an idea, which is a rare opinion because i see nobody does. It just bothers me the fact of the ranked system, i thought the solution would be adding matchmaking and letting players just enjoy all the levels as they are. Then i found out nobody plays weaves anymore, so my suggestion is to enable bots in this mode. Don’t add players that use them to the team ranks, whatever, but bots would at least enable people to actually play this levels and finish them. It’s really hard to find a party for this mode.

Thank you for your time

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Ranked weaves are a mess. You’d have a better time convincing people to play QP weaves (where you can already bring bots), if you just like the gamemode you should try that.

Hey, as you said that’s not a popular opinion. I once tried to explain why I liked them and was called a simp or a paid account by FS, trying to find a group was also hard, especially when people who don’t care for them when they see your message trying to recruit people will sometimes start to harass you for wanting to play a gamemode they hate. Anyway, one guy eventually started a steam group chat for people wanting to play weaves and make it easier for them to find groups and avoid the hassle of having to justify why they want to play weaves in the first place.

I can throw you an invite to that group if you want (as I’m writing this, there are 1045 members in the group). I can’t guarantee you will find a group easily this late in the season but at the very least it should much easier than trying to recruit from QPs. I’ll send you a PM with the link. I hope this will help.

There is also a dedicated discord server for weaves. If you want I can look it up and send you an invite.

But I get it. I powered through the seasons 2-4 and it was a real hassle to find people. Especially late in the season. I’m really glad they seem to rethink the whole concept and don’t just add 4 new frames shuffle weaves around and give us the same thing a fifth time.