Redesigning Weaves - learning from Guild Wars Fractals

I don’t think it’s a big secret that Weaves are unfortunately not living up to their potential. Quick weaves are fun but are only supposed to be a side-hustle next to ranked weaves and don’t really offer many rewards.

This is really frustrating because the idea of the weaves are awesome, the visuals are awesome (oh how I wish we could get our hands on those skins in advenure mode) and the weapon customisation system is great (though it bit grindy). It’s just that not many people are playing it.

Having played Guild Wars 2 quite a bit the concept of Weaves seemed to me to be quite similar to Fractals in GW2 … with the difference that Fractals have been a major success for the replayability of GW and have enjoyed a lot of popularity.

The big hurdles for Ranked Weaves in my opinion are:

  • no lobby (either you have a fixed group with which you are grinding Weaves or it’ll be difficult)
  • even if there was a lobby: there are 160 levels. Finding the one that you need right now: needle in the haystack
  • split player base. It’s a non-free DLC which only got luke-warm reviews so the player base is going to be limited by sales.
  • no BOTs (Bots are going to be useless on higher difficulties but it gives people a chance to experiment on lower levels and explore the mode)
  • ranked: why? Are there really people that care about that
    (not going to go into difficulty of Weaves at the higher levels. I’m a potato and not qualified to comment on that)

Now how does GW2 address some of those issues:
GW2 Fractals are divided into 100 levels which are separated into four groups of 25 levels. In order to level up, rather than having to join a game with exactly the correct level you can join any game higher than your current level while the max level you can join is capped. If you are level 5, you can join anything up to level 25. The cap opens up when you get close to your current cap. At level 21 you’ll be able to join up to level 50, etc.

edit: say you are level 21 and you complete a level 35 fractal you will go up to level 22 and receive the level 35 rewards.

How can this be applied to Weaves:

  • Create lobbies for Weaves
  • Either separate the levels into groups (say groups of 20) and allow the player to join up to their current cap or allow players to join games of the current level plus 10/15/20. Host can only select their next available level. Even if you win a map which is 20 levels higher than your current level you still only level up by one.
  • join the player base. I don’t know how this could be done best without de-valueing the DLC which’s main selling point was of course the new game mode.
  • for Okri your current level should be the deciding factor, not that you have actually completed all of the maps.

I think this would lead to a new influx into this otherwise awesome game mode.

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Nice suggestion, but I’m not sure that anything can bring enough players back to weaves. I’m not in a pre-made team, so didn’t touch ranked after Season 1. I play QP weaves for the frames every season, but even this mode is completely deserted - and now with Wastes and Adventure mode competing with Weaves, I think weaves will be even more dead.

The only thing that would get me interested in ranked weaves is if they released a ‘Solo’ version, with no time limit, no bots, a scaled back number of enemy spawns and no leader board.

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I’m not sure I got this right: How does this system avoid the situation in which a player has several uncompleted weaves? It increases the ‘tolerance’ for matchmaking but in the end, if you still needed, say, weave 134 completed you’d have to target it specifically which would be as annoying/frustrating as in the current state.

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Well, it would slightly improve accessibility which is one of the major issues.

However, the Weaves need a bit more currently. But yea, there a few easy things which could increase accessibilty tremendously.

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He forgot the most important point from GW2 fractals, if you’re at say fractal level 22 and you complete fractal level 32, the game bumps you up one, so you’re now at fractal level 23. In weaves it’d mean if you did weave 160 it’d count you as having completed weave 134 instead (but you still get items/loot rewards from doing the level 32 fractal / level 160 weave).

It’s not a perfect 1:1 ofc since in VT2 the weaves refresh each season, in GW2 the instabilities (basically the equivalents to the different winds of magic) refresh each day, and you get one instability from levels 25-50, two from 51-75 and three from 76-100.

Beyond that, fractals award loot and gear that you can use anywhere - there’s a bonus stat slot with a stat only relevant to fractal progression but the gear is the same as top tier gear you could get elsewhere in the game (with some unique skins) - in VT2 terms this would mean being able to unlock the weave weapon skins for the base game (and maybe chaos wastes as a random chance from weapon/upgrade shrines), a change that’d honestly help with longevity.

I clearly didn’t explain that point very well with regard to how it allows you to progress through the levels. Thanks for clarifying.

Totally agree that being able to use the levelled up Weaves weapons and skins in the main game would greatly increase the appeal.

Also agree that this is no silver bullet but it would make entry into the mode much easier. At the higher level weaves I get the impression that you will only have a chance to get through with an organised team anyway and the highest level Weaves can only get cheesed/exploited through (but as I said I’m not qualified to talk about that but there are other threads for it)

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