I expected a bit more from Weaves

I m about to reach weaves 60 and i ve watched Jsat Weaves stream and i just dont see the fun into going further into weaves because the difficulty scaling is just LAME : more ennemies HP and more damage, just WOW !

I expected more creativity: puzzle jumps, ennemie with nades, new map path, dynamic events, the floor is lava etc… I guess something that makes the weave feel like a deathrun map (take for exemple deathrun maps from counter strike source, garry’s mod etc…). Cata 2-3 are fine but them beeing the only challenge and not a fun challenge just kills any incentive to play weaves. If the only puzzle (because weaves are made as puzzles in a way) is to die and retry the same weave again and again in order to circumvent archers dealing 30 damage per arrow, gaittling gunner doing 10dmg per shot at max distance, i think nobody will ever try to go further.

Having to block 24h/24h in order to survive higher weave and basicaly learn a new way of playing the game that is completly UNFUN is just pointless. Maybe this season is focused arround ennemies hitting like truks while beeing bullet sponges, if the next season brings some spicy new game elements (something more than Winds witch are basicaly the “only” new thing compared to regular play) i ll probably play it but for now i think your puzzles are unfun and uninspiring after playing 59 weaves and if the systeme stays like this (if next season only brings new map sections and some tweaks to winds) i ll probably not even touch it ever again.

tldr : I had fun the first times but the more you play the less fun it is, making new seasons while maintaining this systeme will not make it any funnier.


Well, everyone expect more from weaves. In current state they are fun for first few runs, after that they are simply boring and don’t give any rewards.
I wonder why you have to go through 5 more missions with one wind to get to the next one?
Why not do them like this, you go through 8 different winds in turn, and then you start from the beginning, but this time the difficulty increases.
This method will allow even the most novice players to see how the individual mutators looks like and what differences in gameplay they offer.

Sometimes there was a comparison to greater rifts from Diablo 3. Let’s use this comparison. Just for example, it is known that these are two different games.
How gameplay looks like in Grifts? Roughly similar to Weaves. You also need to fill the progress bar and fit in time. The difference is at the end. If we achieve success by ending G-rift we get quite substantial loot, which often allow us to succeed in another more difficult challenge.
What weaves offer? Correct me if I’m wrong, but around weave 20 you already have a maxed out anthenor, amulet and one set of weapons. Later, you can collect the essence only for other weapons (for current or other characters) and that’s it.

So that once you have a full geared character, further gameplay begins to resemble what was previously in the form of weekly challenges, which are probably now dead. Of course, you can play to get another portrait frame - another circle to the collection (LMAO). Ok, that can motivate someone too. Ofc you may play just for fun, the question is how soon will the fun stop being fun for most of the players? I think it will happen much earlier than in 3 months, to the planned “season 2”
I will not be surprised at all after all, the player pool will be so small in this mode that it will be hard to find anyone to complete the simplest challenges.

I have said it many times, I will say it again. This whole game mode is not well thought out and poorly designed. The only thing that speaks in its favor is appearance, but it is definitely not enough.

And the solution can be really simple. Let cousin Okri finally appear in the game as a Runesmith and, in exchange for the essence, offer one-time weapon buffs (runes) for our character. Runes can be various (the sky is the limit) and it will depends on the player how many (e.g. max 3) and what buff he wants to buy. Of course, there is still work on the prizes, because same frames and commodity chests are not enough.


I personally expected the winds to merge at some point like you would have shadow and light wind at the same time and the further you go the more they could merge with each other. Was honestly expecting that to be the difficulty spike instead of the 100 weave 1 shot shenanigans we got.


That would also be a solution.
As you can see, this forum is full of ideas. Some are better, some are worse but it’s a real gold mine.
It would be really good if someone wants to use it. Well, but FS knows everything “better”. The effect is as seen - mostly negative opinions about WoM. GJ!

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Yes! So much this! That’s exactly what I expected and I said as much in the beta forums!

I thought either we would get combined winds and/or each wind would gain additional effects on top of the base mechanic. eg for the first set of life winds you have the slowing vines as you do now, for the second set you have eg regen but so do enemies and for a later one your team’s HP becomes a shared pool instead of individual.

Cool things like that.


Exactly even additional effects would be cool way to address it but if that’s hard to accomplish due to time constraints or lack of imagination then why not have the last 10-20 weaves to be just the combination of all 7 for that ultimate difficulty.
At least that would be interesting without just buffing numbers. Also if it proofs to be too hard to clear all 7 at the same time then some kinda of effect where it switches between the effects on time intervals or something.

Really just feel like there is lots of wasted potential and if you want some story reasoning for this then it could easily be just winds being unstable or chaos meddling with them.

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I imagine the problem with combining them would be how visually confusing the weaves would be with multiple winds working in tandem, or the expenses involved in making unique assets for the combined challenges in general.

More variation on what an individual wind can do could in theory be interesting but all of this ties back into just wanting this for the standard game. It’s funny that weeklies ended up being more or less on the same creative level as some of the winds, and yet you have to pay 20 dollars for the latter.

I would have really loved to try some of this in the standard adventure mode, but they aren’t about to expand base game weeklies with any of the paid content and they would likely sooner add more new ideas to the weaves before adding mutators to the rotation so it’s kind of lose-lose in general.


Mhm, I imagine mainly it’d also take even more work to animate, hence I think it’s more realistic that they add more effects into existing winds at higher tiers.

Visually I think you could get away with two winds combined though, any more like three together would be too many. With Shyish you could get away with things like charred/burning skulls, vine overgrown skulls, that’d be neat.


Well they do have the assets there now so its not like they are starting from 0.

Yeah, I expected there to be more than one effect over time, too, or to have combined weaves.

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I mean, if you have a gamemode marketed as “THE end-game”, I at least expected the maps to be randomly generated, or hell, even just the enemies, like the game already does in Adventure Mode.

But this whole “Leaderboards” thing that had to be pushed (which I don’t recall a single person liking at all?) had to make everything consistent for all players all the time, every time.

When “The end-game” has less replayability than the game you were already accustomed to, something’s gone terribly wrong.

Perhaps we should just expand on the game we already have, rather than try to replace it with something else?


Hahaha I almost forgot about this. Weaves as end-game with totally ZERO replayability. Nice joke :rofl:

As for leaderboards I show you something interesting:


…and that would be all about it. Thank you for your attention :rofl:

For me Weaves should have been like this:

  • Random maps combining parts of different maps creating a single map.
  • We should be able to use our equipment and haven´t to re-equip everything from 0.
  • They should appear inside chests, being difficult to find, their difficulty would depend on the type of chest we open (same as the Deeds) and giving a good reward when finished, as cosmetics for weapons.
  • The wind of magic would also be random.
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I expected that we would be able to put wathever we want as properties on our weapons and other equipment, why arent we allowed to fullil our amulet with only stamina increase ??? I was so disapointed when i figured out that basicaly you get the same exact builds in weaves as in regular play and now i just feel extra disapointed when i heard that after weave 120 the damage increase from ennemies is 1000%. It was the perfect opportunity to allow players to do whatever build they want instead of beeing restricted to what regular plays offer…

Weaves feel like a big BETA gameplay wise, there are so many issues i hope season 2 will change everything.

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Its just diablo rifts but somehow less fun.

That is because Weaves are very poorly implemented.

If you opened a chest and got a Weave inside it would be more exciting. You would say to your teammates, “hey I got a Weave, do you want to do it? It´s legend difficulty and with Jade wind” for example.

In this way, everyone would be excited to make Weaves and get as a reward an illusion for your weapon (of those that can only be used in Weaves, which is another mistake) or a hat, or a frame, or painting or a cosmetic.

The way Fatshark has implemented Weaves is horrible.

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