If its not fun its not going to work. Weaves are a tremendous insult to my time

For me, weaves are not what I was expecting and thus actually worthless for me. This DLC was about weaves but now its about… a game that I really liked now being a different game that maybe I will learn to like eventually with a DLC I paid for but will never enjoy.

Now if this is what people think is fun that is ok for them but I paid money for my game that was fun but now I have to learn how to make it fun again. I have hung out so much for this DLC for this breath of new life into the game and its just so disappointing to not be able to enjoy it.

Weaves are just… an insult to your customers time. Here is a game where the community was asking for new content interesting missions quests whatever to make the meaningless grind feel meaningful. Weaves are just additional and arbitrary grind systems with progression reset cycle in a module that splits the player base.


I have played some weaves I suppose they might be fun if you didn’t split the player base… across two game modes and then within the weave game mode across every weave level.


I’ve played some more weaves started from low level and played with a group up through where I’d soloed… every 5 weaves are the same… I thought the attacks on weaves being just reused assets was unfair… I was wrong./

These are boring as watching grass grow. I’d have preferred clever missions inserted into existing maps than this. Go save some hostages from Athel, Hold the gates while NPC’s collect rare bottles of vintage for Loner. It seems simple objectives could add significant utility to existing maps without breaking balance of gameplay even if it doesn’t take ‘full’ advantage of what is clearly excellently designed game flow and map design.

Anything other than run the same 5 maps over and over with a cool but quickly ignored thematic attached.

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