I WAS happy with the WoM content...

until I started playing weaves. They have single-handedly put me off the game.

designed for 4 players
no one to play with

virtually impossible for someone new to make any progress without help which, as I’ve already mentioned, isn’t available.

This is one of the worst implementations I’ve ever seen, I’m talking Fallout 76 bad. I know what I’ve said has already been said before but consider this a message from yet another dissatisfied customer.


Yup, weaves might’ve been good if they were given more time to be developed internally.
Hell, maybe they should’ve kept weaves internal until V3 and they might’ve been able to iron out the glaring issues with their “competitive” mode.

They will be able to be quick played like the normal adventure maps next season. To be fair, you can pretty much solo up until weave 20 or so I think. That’s where I stopped anyway, then some friends invited me to Cata weaves.

I’m not really a fan though… I’ve put in a good 150 hours since WoM and only around 5-6 hours have been spent in weaves.

YOU may be able to solo up until weave 20. 99% of the community will die to a leech or gutter runner in a horde, or be unable to solo a Chaos Spawn. Weaves are NOT soloable.


YES EXACTLY THIS THANK YOU. You might be able to solo weaves if you have a high tolerance to gutter runner insta-pounces ending your runs. Either way if you try to solo weaves with a lot of classes you’re in for a baaaaaadddd time


I would not like to say this… but imho waves are just time/resources wasted that could be used to add other wanted contents (like maps, careers, cosmetics, etc etc).

None had asked them and they can just split the community (luckly only few players play waves). And now Fatshark can’t do much to improve this situation (sure, add qp is a nice move, but not enough)… at least they should let us to share the equip between mods (standard game and waves).

I have bought WoW, but honestly I has been unhappy to pay also for these waves. They should be a stand-alone dlc.


Well, weaves are scripted, so you will know when the gutter runner is coming. But yea, I’m aware most people probably can’t solo the weaves. To be fair, you could just grab the BW and kaboom everything :joy: 3 bosses? No problem, Kaboom and kite. They’ll burn to death xD While not exactly fun, it’s effective. But yea, people have solo’d all the way up to weave 160, so it can be done.

None the less, season 2 should in theory make the weaves a lot more accessible.

The scripted part is the only reason I made it to weave 7. I bought WoM 4 weeks ago to play with friends, knowing full well all the problems. We were then forced to beat our heads against Dark Omens to unlock weaves, didn’t know that was a requirement.

Since then I have encountered 3 groups of people in Weave matchmaking, in the last 4 weeks. I did solo weaves 1,2,5, and 6. Scripted spawns are the only reason it was possible. But I could not get passed the beastmen + Minotaur + Chaos Spawn on weave 7.

For reference I was playing as Zealot. And Sienna isn’t fun to play so that’s not an option for me. The people who will Lingering Flames kite are the ones who read forums like this and are already experts at the game, we are not the majority of the playerbase.

The part about my weave experience that pisses me off the most is that for all my effort and failures, I was awarded 75 essence for failing a weave near the end of it. I got 1,000 essence for failing Screaming Bell. Quickplay gives MASSIVELY more essence even when you fail. There is just no incentive to play weaves, which I am sure compounds the issue of never finding players.

The LFG is outside of the game. For Weaves, I’d recommend finding groups or playing with friends since there’s so many different levels and not everyone is queueing near to each others level.

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