Problems with quickplay weaves

This game mode is pretty dead and I can see why pretty easily. I’m only working on them for the challenge for the frame and have only run into about 2 different players over the course of 12 quickplay weaves so far which means I’ve mostly been playing with my bots. The first issue is the bots themselves. None of their properties on any of their gear work at all, only their talents, so they underperform quite a bit. They also don’t respond to certain winds and die very easily (azyr, ghyran, shyish, ghur - can’t break totems). It’s so sad to just see them walk into brambles constantly even when you aren’t moving. Last issue is the rewards, they are abysmal. 400 xp, some essence and a low tier chest is pretty poor compared to what adventure mode can offer. They also don’t count for completing quickplay maps for dailies or weeklies.


I agree that theres a lack of incentive to do them, not only as rewards, i am at a point in the game where i have everybody 35 with all red items, i only play because i like the game a lot, but in the case of weaves, their difficulty scales so high later on that most people complete them by cheesing (level skipping) or exploiting the ai flaw (blind spot, unreachable corners) since its a magical realm they should have gone a little loco with some powerups or unique gameplay mechanics.
Perhaps a semi-roguelike quality to it would been nice.

If even no man sky managed to crawl out of the hole they were in, surely fatshark can salvage a gamemode and build on it, i have faith.

Yeah I personally don’t see any reason to do them. At least ranked weaves can be done for the challenge (or torture more likely) but the quickplay ones really have no reason to exist apart from the few challenges you get per season.
Even with some reward changes and tweaks I still doubt it would be popular and that is considering before how much % of the community even owns WoM currently. So slight tweaking is really not enough and its going to need a massive overhaul to generate proper interest.

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In defense of weaves, allow me to point out some positives:

1.) The length of the weaves maps is perfect for those who want to get a quick pickup game in. Lets face it: a few of the main game maps can be a slog time-wise, and thus you don’t ever feel you can “get a quick game in before lunch”. Also, losing at the end of a weave doesn’t feel nearly as punishing as in the regular game.

(This doesn’t mean I don’t like long maps or want to cut all maps in half – it means its nice to have the option to do a short map when you feel like it).

2.) The concept of the end arena is solid. (and fun)

3.) The map mutations (aka winds) add a fun random challenge factor to the maps.

4.) The Athenor system is arguably better than the loot system in the main game, especially for those whom the RNG gods shun.

So, lots of good things in Winds of Magic. Unfortunately, all the good was undercut by three factors:

1.) Separating the weave content from the main game in terms of gear and leveling unfortunately split the community into two pools, and since the main game is the stronger area content-wise, most people will focus on the main game.

2.) Weaves were heavily hurt by the focus on leaderboards and seasons (things the community really didn’t want). Seasons especially hurt it as progress in the Raked area periodically gets wiped out. For people like me who play frequently but not religiously, this is a huge drawback.

3.) The forums may not realize or acknowledge this, but Weave content is actually pretty hard, and casual players will very quickly hit a skill wall in Ranked, essentially boxing them out of tons of ranked content. If you box people out, they won’t play this mode.

Bonus item: being behind a DLC paywall doesn’t help population numbers either.

So, a lot of good and a lot of bad. Hopefully, a lot of the godd stuff will be taken up and integrated into Darktide and/or future games.

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One of the biggest problems with weaves is that past weave 70+ it just becomes “ok handmaiden runs through the map as quick as she can, and the rest of us will hide in this spot where enemies cant reach us”. It becomes an absolute chore to play once you get past regular cata. You are forced to take certain careers BW, HM, IB, WHC, just feels like I’m being forced to confirm to a meta and not being allowed to play what I want. Also its locked behind a paywall

Weaves were made as end-game content for pre-made teams. If you’re not in a pre-made team then weaves suck. I played the quickplay weaves just to get the frame. The major problems are that 1) nobody plays, so it’s hard to meet other players; and, 2) you keep playing the same weaves with the exact same scripted enemy spawns multiple times and it gets pretty boring - fast. Standard mode with random spawns is way more compelling becuase of the the variation.

If I was in a pre-made team, ranked weaves would be worth devoting a couple of weeks to. Otherwise, they suck and there is nothing about them that is worth the time required. Until the number of ranked weaves are reduced so that the quickplay playerbase isn’t fragmented to the point that matchmaking becomes realistically impossible, they will be a dead mode. Nice concept - f##king awful, myopic implementation. Why Fatshark should know its playerbase, not ‘give us what we need’ but apparently don’t like because of abysmal matchmaking.

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Weaves is awesome feature, however player must relay to have RL friends ingame to play them, this is sole reason I dont play them, no one to play with…
Fatshark shoud really make system to make group up more easy in weaves.

Weaves is end game. Once you have all of your gear and max level from adventure mode is when Weaves begins.

I really like them because they are short and the maps are beautiful.

The problem isn’t the lack of rewards but the lack of randomness of the enemy spawns. It gets boring quick because all of the enemy spawns are fixed.

Item systems are separate. Weaves have their own item progression system. You get Essence and level your weapons up to a power level of 900.

The only thing that carrys over in the sense you’ve mentioned is the player’s own experience with higher difficulties and game mechanics.

I honestly like it being fixed. It’s more ‘competitive’ that way, but it does reduce replayability, and once you have done them, you’ll pretty much never do them again.

Also them being fixed means you can improve and learn everything. Not just win after trying 5 times because you got lucky on rng.

I mean, yes. You pretty much have to choose meta to do them easily, but i wouldn’t say its required at 70, also every weave is unique, some are easier, some are more difficult the number doesn’t always represent its difficulty. Also there are plenty of other careers that work in weaves, even at 120, gk is viable for example.

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Yes, I know. I’ve been playing this game since February 2018.

End game in most games starts when you complete the main portion of the game. I never said progression carries over to Weaves.

Obviously anyone can play Weaves but it was designed for players who completed everything and have everything. In a sense, it was a way to start over and relearn the game in a new challenging way.

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You’ve made it obvious you’ve never played high tiered weaves.

Yeah they’d first have to work on convincing players to actually play them. I don’t think that many people find them “awesome.”

How did i make it obvious i’ve never played weaves?

First of all i never said there isn’t a meta in weaves. Yes, its easier to go meta, but its not required to do weaves. Especially not at weave 70.

If you said what you said regarding to the fact i said weaves are different in difficulty even if they have a higher number, how is that not true. You can have a weave 70 for example where its just a killing weave and you can have a weave 65 where you have triple mino, which can be seen as more difficult. The number of the weave doesn’t automatically represent its difficulty. A good example of this are weaves 114/115 in season 1.

Some proof below to show i did in fact play high tier weaves. Show me yours.

The above is a screenshot of season 1 weaves, completing 160.

This screenshot is of the current season where someone played with grail knight for the majority. I didn’t play this weaves season as i didn’t have time. If you take a look at the scoreboard you can see different careers. Yes there is a meta, but i never said meta isn’t easier or not required for the higher ones like 120/160’s. There is a even an rv on the scoreboard.

Then if you are active on the forums and in weaves you should of seen my thread about weaves season 2, here: 120 Weaves feedback Season 2
Which also proves i am involved in weaves.

Some friendly advice:
In the future it would be best to do some research before typing something on a public forum.

Stop making off topic irrelevant and childish comments and instead counter my arguments instead of just saying useless things.

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