Weaves Proposition

I love weaves but the sad truth is that it’s hard to find other players to fully enjoy the weave experience. I would like to offer suggestions to Fatshark in hopes we can make it more friendly to all players and bring some life into it.

  1. Shorten Weave QuickPlay Map Pool
    During the course of a Season, there should be 2 color weaves available each week. This would limit the number of total weaves in QuickPlay to 10 maps which would make finding groups easier. In addition to helping people find quicker matches, it would ensure that players will be able to complete each set of Weave. For example: week 1 could be Jade and Amber weaves, week 2 could be Light and Bright weaves, etc. This, of course, can be completely randomized with each new season.

  2. Unlock QuickPlay Weaves for non-WoM owners
    Okay, so this just an idea. Fatshark, please don’t shoot me! If Fatshark were to unlock the non-ranked QuickPlay Weaves for all V2 owners, it would essentially increase the number of potential players in the chance of finding a random group and hopefully would want them to actually buy WoM eventually. This might be harder to implement since completing Dark Omens is a requirement to unlock Weaves. Of course, those non-WoM owners would only be able to gain essence only from playing Weaves. Which brings me to my next suggestion…

  3. Increase the Amount of Essence in Weaves
    The way this game mode is set up, all players are basically forced to play adventure maps for lots of essence if they want to play Weaves. It takes so long to get enough essence just from Weaves to fully enjoy it. Each difficulty could have a set number, just like in adventure mode. So, people who just want to play Weaves can do so without having to rely on the essence gained in the adventure mode.

  4. Change end of mission Rewards
    In addition to gaining more essence (as stated above), the rewards should be better than just a box you could have easily gotten in adventure mode. Ranked Weaves should have different end of mission rewards than QuickPlay and it should be based on difficulty. I would like other players to weigh in on what kind of rewards they would like to see since I don’t really play for the rewards.

  5. Change Weave Completion Awards
    After completing each different set of weave, rewards should be given out representing that weave’s completion and can be used in the adventure mode. Unique hats/costumes/weapon illusions that represents each weave color. It might make other players want to play weaves if they saw someone completely decked out in neon orange. Plus, lots of people like cosmetics. I’m sure they will be okay with more options. I mean that’s how I got interested in raids in ESO because I saw someone with an Ice-Fire skin.

  6. Replay Previous Weave Seasons
    I don’t know why this isn’t a thing. Most games that have seasons will replay previous seasons to allow new and veteran players to claim rewards they previously missed. There are more benefits to replaying previous seasons, especially for Fatshark. It could give them a chance to work on new things for V2 and/or come up with better ideas to make Weaves better.

  7. Randomize Enemy Spawns
    This is my biggest pet peeve with Weaves. As much as I love playing Weaves, the one thing that irritates me the most is that all of the enemy spawns are fixed. It makes playing Weaves boring after a while. Fixing this will definitely improve Weaves by making it more interesting, challenging, and different each time.

8. Scaling Weaves based on Party Size
The Weaves were designed and scaled for 4 player groups. Unfortunately, for the mass majority of players, finding 3 other souls for Weaves is impossible. Weaves would definitely be more attractive if it was appropriately scaled based on how many players are in the group. I don’t want to believe that Weaves were only made for the 25 people on the leaderboards. Weaves shouldn’t box out the majority of paying customers. They are fun but a complete nightmare without a full group.

If I left anything out, please feel free to comment below with your own personal suggestions. I would also like to hear from other players who enjoy Weaves on what they like the most about it and what you think that can be changed to make it better. For those people who don’t like Weaves, please explain below why you don’t like it and what could be changed to get you to play them. Of course, try to civil without insults and name calling. We are all human and we all make mistakes.

Please put your suggestions below on what kind of rewards you would like to see from the end of mission screen, completing each weave set, and if there should be end of season awards like in other games.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day for reading this horribly long post.


I would be fine with randomized spawns but I thought the whole point of fixed spawns was to give every group the same fight and to compete for a higher score. It also gives players the chance to learn that specific weave until they succeed.

Randomized spawns or introducing a special timer might boost Ranger Veteran in weaves as some weaves just have very few specials.

More completion awards would also be nice, a lot of players would love to use weave illusions in normal games.


You know, I totally forgot about that. I haven’t been able to play any Ranked Weaves because it’s so hard to find other players.

Maybe make random enemy spawns for QuickPlay weaves and keep fixed spawns in Ranked Weaves for those people who have pre-made groups. Do you think this would work?

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Yes! I see no harm in it, it could potentially extend the life span of quick play weaves.


Isn’t it already like this. You quickplay weave based on difficulty. So for example, i queue for recruit and i join a recruit weave, random one between (idk what the weaves are currently) 1-10 for recruit?

Yes, i think this is a big reason weaves isn’t popular. it’s hard to get into. You either play alot of quickplay normal maps and grind essences like that, or you basically start back from zero. It’s annoying. There can be a bit of progression, but not how it is currently. Maybe give free essences enough to upgrade 1 full build?

I think ranked Weaves have some hype behind them. Especially due to the scoring system and leaderboards. I can see for quickplay ‘real’ rewards would be better (even for ranked). Something as simple as a badge for all your characters, showing which weaves you completed (recruit/veteran/champ, up to cata3), or some kind of essence you get when completing a weave, which allow you to buy weave illusions with. let’s say 30 of those essences for an illusion, or something.

This is a tricky one, as the game balance changes and season 1 was especially difficult. it was already difficult back then and now without the broken bw, it would even be more difficult. They could start doing this once weaves is at a point fatshark and the community are happy with.

Like you mentioned below in a comment, i think only for quickplay weaves this would be fine, i don’t see it for ranked.

One of the issues i have with ranked weaves is the deletion of leaderboards every season, the lack of difference between seasons. i honestly like weaves, i think they are great, but why would we try and improve our leaderboard score if it gets deleted every season?
The lack of difference is also a big issue for me. if you play a season and you basically remember alot of the spawns and such, its basically the same weave you are just playing again, on the same map. The only difference is winds, but its also the same winds, just shuffled. (yes sometimes that can make certain weaves more difficult then before, but not always). I think having a new wind every season, shuffled winds around, gave us new fixed spawns, a new map in the rotation, would be so much better and would make me alot more intrested to continue playing them. New spawns would be difficult, they could just change that once a year, but i feel like winds should atleast change every season. (or maybe a combination of winds, that way you can shuffle them and have more intresting combo’s)

I know alot of players are againsts this. But i would honestly give rewards to top players on leaderboards. This doesn’t have to be something unique, this could just be a weave illusion skin of choice, instead of having to grind 30 of those special essences (if my idea gets implemented :slight_smile: ).
Disclaimer though, rewards for leaderboards would only work if invite ranks don’t exist anymore. So for example, if i do weave 120 with my team of 4 players, i am not able to do weave 120 solo and get top spot on solo leaderboard instantly. This would probably be difficult to implement, but it would help solo players give a chance at competing for this reward without feeling behind if they don’t have a premade team.

edit: forgot to comment on one of your ideas: i think giving weaves for free purely for quickplay is a great idea.

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No, it doesn’t. In QP Weaves, you can get any of the 120 maps. The “recruit” weaves is only what is listed in Ranked Weaves.

Season 2, I was doing Champion QP and was getting Light and Bright weaves and they were listed as first 10 maps in Ranked for recruit difficulty. This has been a huge complaint since the beta that the map pool is stretched over 120 different possibilities.

Tbh I didn’t make any suggestions to Ranked Weaves because I’ve never been able to play them so I have no idea how it can be changed to bring more players into it. I’m also not sure you play weaves because the scoreboard doesn’t get reset. It gets “frozen” in between seasons.

I’m only looking to improve QuickPlay Weaves since that’s what I’m familiar with at the moment. Ranked Weaves should get it’s own thread authored by players with experience as they will have a better insight on what changes need to be made for it.

Ah i thought this was a thread about weaves in general, including both ranked and quickplay. Sorry, it wasn’t clear to me.

I mean, I guess you could put your ranked weaves suggestions here but I’ve never played them therefore have no idea what changes need to be done for them. I don’t know if Fatshark reads everything on these forums but we could hope they see that Weaves need changes because I don’t want Weaves to be dead. I just don’t want to play them by myself. This game is way more fun with other people, especially with random people.

Also, what I meant for the QP weaves is for only 2 different weave types available for all difficulties each week. This would hopefully help other players complete each weave set on any difficulty regardless of where that particular weave sits in the ranked portion. When I played QP weaves, it was a huge mess.

I didn’t play Season 1 or this current season yet but in Season 2, all the weaves were in the map pool regardless of what difficulty you selected. I have no idea if this was changed but there is no reason why there should be 120 maps in a QP pool. We just don’t have the player base for it, unfortunately. Smaller map pool will definitely increase the chances of finding a group but we need Fatshark to fix a few things to get people to want to play weaves again.

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Well most of my comment applies to both, mostly building further upon your ideas. like rewards and agreeing about the essence grind.
The last part about ranked was because you said you wanted to hear people’s suggestions and issues with weaves. those are my biggest ones + the ones mentioned above that ofcourse.

I don’t know how quickplay weaves are currently. i was asking, i thought they were like that.

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What are you talking about? There are only 40 individually designed ‘maps’ in Weaves: 5 per each of the 8 winds. So weave 3 is essentially the same as 43 which is the same as 83 which is the same as 123.

They differ in terms of difficulty (damage values from Recruit to Cata3, etc.) and in the amount of enemies spawned per each of the fixed spawn waves (e.g. 8 assassins in a particular special spawn wave in a Cata3 weave to only 2 assassins in the same wave of the corresponding Recruit weave; or 3 Minotaurs instead of only 2).

In QP Weaves, you pick a difficulty (say Legend) and then you will get one of the 40 available Weaves on that specific difficulty. No matter its current placement in ranked weaves. Enemy damage values, wind modifier values, spawn amount, etc. are then adjusted according to the selected difficulty.

So I don’t understand this comment of yours at all:

Just a side note: When you haven’t played QP Weaves in their current iteration (yet) - and ranked weaves, too, for that matter, you should refrain from making any comments about how they might work. Because you obviously don’t know.

Yes, there are only 40 handcrafted maps but they get reused for different winds. If you want to get technical, there’s really 160 total maps possible if you include Cata+ difficulty. It was designed to be infinite with damage continually scaling but was ultimately capped.

As I said above, I haven’t been able to play this current season because there isn’t anyone playing it. I was only explaining how it was in Season 2 and why it was so hard to find a group for this game mode. Weaves has been a ghost town since Season 2 which is why I made this thread. It’s dead if you haven’t noticed.

You obviously didn’t read my entire post.

I don’t understand your bickering about the total number of weaves. When you queue up in QP, the pool is always reduced to 40. If you want to make people aware of the fact that a 100+ different queues are detrimental to any matchmaking, you’re just telling old news. That already became obvious during the first season.

Yes and no. It’s dead to players who want to play Weaves casually and occasionally. Unless you actively search for other players on discords, you won’t find any activity on your own through the game itself. Maybe in QP weaves but certainely not in (higher) ranked weaves.
Weaves are, however, most definitely not dead to players (like me) who get a premade group together for every new season. I actually enjoy the three to four days of grinding weaves until I’ve completed everything required for the new frames. I’ve done so every season now, including some 160 pushes, and I deem the time well spent.

I stand by my point that you rather should double check how things work (or have changed) before you write anything up. Otherwise, we’re getting Steam forums level of discussions right here.

Can you please post a source on when Weaves were changed?

Check the patch notes and PR materials (Fatshark’s twitch streams, Hedge’s clarifications in the forums, etc.) accompanying new season starts. But note that information disclosed by Fatshark isn’t exhaustive at times.

From what I can tell, I have never come across official statements regarding certain changes made to Weaves for Season 3, e.g. the entire removal of suicide rats from spawn pools or making totems in amber winds not respawn during finales. Best way to learn about those intricacies is to play the game mode. Same applies to ‘optimizations’ made to matchmaking procedures, etc.

Disagree with all of these.

Weaves need to allow 5 players
Rewards to be more than just portraits.
Weaves should have more power ups for the player
Weave weapons (if the above is not possible) have some magical effect that you can enbue that gives them some extra effects on attack.

I like weaves but at some point they become way too hard to the point of frustration, its hard to find a team competent enough and with enough patience to try again and again, late weaves get so hard most people who complete them do it by cheesing, i don’t think thats good game design, i do hope they don’t abandon the gamemode at this state, perhaps more work on it may encourage more people to get winds of magic specially if it comes before/along next content dlc.