Connecting weaves quickplay, Emporium and main game

While Weave Quickplay is surely nice addition, it might not be enough to keep players engaged (even though I’m personally engaged just enough). While I understand that’s just one of first iterations of changes to weaves, and we should expect more of them in future seasons - right now (as we approach season 2) it might be great to link some new systems together.

The very important reason behind these ideas - Weave QP should have more value on top of essence, because essence is less and less relevant as time goes. Which is okay, grind should end. But there should be more reasons to engage in Weave QP, except for some occasional fun.

Ranked weaves can act as a way for people to challenge themselves and climb static set of challenges, with lesser rewards, similar to people playing Cata’s mission in order, to have everything completed, so I don’t actually mind if they won’t be rewarding much.

1). Quickplay weaves should reward straight emperor chests of corresponding difficulty. (or General at least) Main reason why it can work from loot balance point of view - Weave Quickplay is potentially much, MUCH harder than both Ranked weaves and Quickplay. You don’t know the set of enemies you’ll be facing (which makes Ranked weaves approachable), and you’ll need well-rounded team ready to face every challenge possible, be it 15 chaos warriors or 2 minotaurs or 2 ratogres+1 chaos spawn, if you queue into legend+. Cata QP can remain just extra challenge without extra reward on top of legend ones.

I understand dev’s approach, why chests weren’t added to Ranked Weaves, but as things get randomised for quickplay - it becomes more fair to reward players for playing.

2). I also suggest adding new weekly and daily quests that are exclusive to weaves that reward new currency for Emporium’s Shilling or chests, simply based on old quests (defeat elite enemies, complete QP, kill bosses, play as character, etc…). It’ll bring some more value to DLC itself, and will make progression even more linked across all systems.

The only worrisome thing - is that Ranked Weaves potentially won’t have more players to play. Its core design is intended for 4-men groups that try hard and climb together, which is good, and it really work well for that idea. But again, I don’t think changes in season 2 will change matchmaking problems that much, and I look forward for future ideas that devs will implement to make Ranked Weaves more approachable in next seasons.

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I disagree.

I am of the opinion that content released as free-LC (I.E, Lohner’s Emporium) should NOT be effected by content released as paid-DLC (I.E, Winds of Magic).

Not only would it “force” (for lack of a better term) people to play Weaves in order to unlock content for the main game, it would also lock Shillings (well, optimal Shilling farming at least) behind a paywall.

Sure, in the end, Shillings can only be used for cosmetic stuff, and you can earn them without having paid for WoM at all, but it would very quickly turn WoM into a pseudo-“speed up the process” DLC, not unlike EXP boosts sold in other games.

League of Legends, just to name a game I’m familiar with myself, tried something similarly with “Event Passes” where, you can earn the event currency by just doing quests available to everyone, yes, but you can ALSO pay real money for the Pass in order to earn additional quests on top of the ones you already got, and was, in fact, the only way you’d be able to amass enough currency to pay for the high-end stuff before the event ended.

It’d be disheartening if Lohner’s Emporium tried something similar where the only way you’d be able to pay for the most expensive items before the Season ends (since I assume new cosmetics will be added and replace the old ones each Season?) is if you pay real money for DLC you’d not otherwise want, just to be able to amass enough Shillings.

It’s already been stated that “players who already own existing Vermintide 2 DLC’s will be retroactively awarded with Shillings”, whatever that vague statement means, so it’s already going to happen in a way where you can pay real money for the DLC in order to get a headstart on otherwise free content, not to mention the exclusive Cosmetics that need to be paid for with real money directly.

As long as the daily quests you’d normally get, and is available to everyone, can be completed inside Weaves, I don’t see why Weave exclusive quests should be added on top of it.

I would not necessarily be against adding Weave quests that award Chests, since you already get plenty of those, but Shillings should be kept out of it in my opinion.


That’s pretty valid statement. When I approached it, it was similar to me as Bogenhafen chests. You get dlc, and gain cosmetic value over time. Similar to my idea. The only difference, bogenhafen cosmetics are exclusive to said dlc.

Anyway, I expected it to be like “additional value on top of you have right now”, so like, players gains 100 shillings from normal quests, and something like extra 20 from weaves, which doesn’t seem too unfair.

Also, I’ve heard statements, that WoM has too low value for its price, and it could be increased that way and make it more appealing to be purchased.

But I see “where” are you coming from. I’m just afraid weave quickplays won’t have popularity once players get enough essence to unlock everything they want (I’m at this state atm). Ranked weaves are still valuable for achievement reason, but quickplays will not

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Certainly, Weaves need some kind of incentive to be played, but not something that gives an edge over people who didn’t pay for the expansion.

I’ve already heard plenty of people suggesting the Weave weapon skins be made available in the main game, so why not make that a reward for doing Weaves? Seems reasonable enough to me.

Maybe make them massive Essence sinks so that grinding for Essence serves a purpose once you already have everything unlocked?

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I would certainly sign to farming essence if I could get weave weapon skins out of it

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You mean not like the amazing weapons that significantly outperform non DLC weapons?

None of the WoM exclusive weapons “significantly outperform non-DLC weapons” though?

Maybe if we were talking Back to Ubersreik with Axe & Falchion a few patches ago, but other than the Throwing Axes, none of the WoM weapons are that impressive.

Also, the WoM weapons weren’t unlocked by playing Weaves, so at least they didn’t have a massive grind to acquire them.

I think the spear and billhook the flail are amazing, especially the Flail. Though I was more having a dig at the fact that the previous DLC weapons are still pretty easy picks. I maintain the throwing axe is a gimmick.

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Really? Other people are saying the Spear and Flail are pretty mediocre, with only the Billhook being somewhat good due to its special attack.

At least weapon balancing is on the agenda, according to the Season 2 post, so hopefully everything will be evened out eventually.

I’m not a big Kruber player but I find the spear really good. I love the flail (Sienna) but on unchained for obvious reasons. The billhook is apparently but what can compete with the axe/falchion universal goodness. The throwing axe is a gimmick and it insults me that slayer was borked to justify it (that’s realistically not true but I’m salty about the slayer). Spear and shield (Elf) I’ve seen used to great effect but I don’t like it because of how much screen real state you lose and that I don’t like handmaiden so its clearly not going to compete on other classes. I’ve also noticed that they see popularity on many of the steam guides for cataclysm builds but those builds… your millage may vary.

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