Proposal how to integrate Weave Quickplay into Adventure QP and the necessary changes to the loot system

Fundamental Problem:

I played the weaves in season 1 until around weave 95 and really liked the new challenges/environments, but like a lot of other people i mostly
play quickplay, because of time issues or it is not so easy to find others for the long-term commitment of ranked weaves.
Then Fatshark introduces the quickplay weaves which are blatantly dead.
I sometimes look in the lobby browser to look at the current open weave lobbies (of course only non empty lobbies are visible).
As a lot of you already know there are almost no or very few weave quickplays.
No real incentive for newer players (if they even have WoM) and around none for veteran players (like myself).
(it is debatable but i think most will agree?)

In the end we have two separate queues for quickplay where most go for adventure, because of loot, quests and xp.
It really bugs me. Weave levels can be really funny and would give more variety if it were possible to combine them with the normal mode.
So question is, whether it is impossible/possible to make ONE quickplay queue.

There are a few design problems which may make it infeasible to collude them.
For later i also have to mention that i tried to search the forums for the same ideas and when i will talk about some ideas later somebody may have already stated these aspects.
See also where nobody has answered.
You will also see, that for it to really work, the loot system has to change dramatically.

Combination problems:

  • Biggest problem is that we currenty have two separate inventories for the modes.
  • You cannot do most of your weekly/daily quests in the quickplay weave mode.
  • There is not loot in the weave mode. Further no tomes and no grims.
  • Weaves are only available for WoM owners.
  • Specific illusions for the weapons in weaves/you cannot choose what you want.

How to deal with these issues

So in general let’s say you combine them. We could either start to think about the problems from the beginning(forward induction) or from the end (backward induction). Normally i would prefer to do it with backward induction but i think it might be better to do this from the

  • Thus, when somebody hits the quickplay button for the respective difficulty we first got to deal with the issue that we have
    Non-WoM owners. Usually you cannot join ongoing matches for which you dont have the DLC. That’s not really a problem.
    If you get into a lobby that has not already started it will depend on whether somebody has WoM, like with the normal adventure maps.
    Now this might be an actual problem, because Fatshark might not want to open a big part of WoM magics to a lot of people.

  • One issue also arises when we talk about new players that have no clue that they are actually “in a different mode then”. Easy solution is to
    only let the Weaves come up from champion(legend) or higher. This would also imply that there still must be a quickplay weave mode for those
    who want to do weaves specifically.

  • Next issues is on how will your character load into the match. That is, which of the inventories are gonna be used for the match.
    There might be several solutions. First and easiest solution is to only use the inventory from the adventure mode. Second solution consistens of a mixture of both for which reason i dont like this. You have to manage two inventories all the time. Thus i deem this infeasible.

Third option, and frankly quite impactful, means to throw the loot system completely overboard.(I think a lot would like that and youwill see that the old loot system is the elephant in the room :grinning: )
Then we would only use the Athanor for both modes (Probably lore problem). Therefore loot becomes obsolete. So how do we get our nice illusions now? You could still use the chests but now you will only find illusions AND cosmetics. This could involve the chest rarity
to to change the likelihood on what cosemtics to find there for example, but you might already think this is weird.

As you can recognize the third option leads to pretty heavy consequences. Luckily, we already have some nice framework called
“Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders” and the Shillings. We can use that in combination of the change of the “loot-system” to make a really functioning incentivized loot system that does not hit us with RNG and Ranald’s middle finger, but still give longevity. So this thread turns actually into “how to change vermintides loot system into a non-unfair RNG-Game”.
Still let’s say, we now generally have the Shop with the Shillings for illusions and cosmetics as well as the commendation chests, normal chests
and lastly the purple things for the Athanor.(Scrap the crafting system, we dont need that)

The purple stuff now serves for us to level up our heroes weapons and abilities (the scaling would be up to Fatshark on how to set the speed for progression). The problem with non-red items is gone for good which always was a pain in the ass for those who were on the wrong side of the
probability distribution.

So for the illusions and cosmetics the Shop could be enough. Thus how do we get the Shillings and what do we do with the chests. Actually it is fairly simple. You still use the chests but now they contain illusions, cosmetics and Shillings. Illusions and cosmetics with a low drop rate, but you will have the chance to directly get something and the Game-Designers might want RNG and people actually like the rewarding kind of RNG that does not punish you too heavily, because we tackle this issue by the Shillings in the chest. So you will always get something which has an actual value to you. Further people always will have an incentive to play (if we have enough cosmetics or illusions to achieve which coincides with the speed for achieving them).

Do we still need experience? Maybe. It actual delivers different things. Firstly, you get something even when you lost. We can still have that but we just will get Shillings etc. from the commendation chest. Secondly, you would normally raise your hero power and unlock perks. This we dont need anymore. So you could probably even let it go even further than 35 like in Vermintide 1 where it has no “real value” at all besides showing that you really played this game a lot.

Last remarks on this. Do you, Fatshark, really want use to leave with two different inventories and not to use full capabilities of your shop and work of weaves?

  • Ok, lastly about how to incentives the “adventure” and “weave” maps equally. Adventure maps still will have tomes and grims…
    For the weaves you could determine the execution of the weave itself as a proxy for a chest that will contain the respective Shillings etc.

What do you think?
Hopefully, i have not forgotten something along the way.
Maybe i will also start this thread on reddit.


The solution is simple, remove weaves entirely and give us a proper campaign, 2x the price for half the practical content(content that isn’t just regrinding) compared to SoB is a bad deal, i literally just bought it earlier today and already regret it,


Weaves are a wasted potential, I agree, but I don’t want to combine the two QP… weaves and campaign maps are different modes and I must have the possibility to choose what play.

I really agree about use Athanor for the entire game (and I can’t understand why Fatshark hasn’t used it since day one… Vermintide is a skill game, not a farming one).

About weaves, this is my idea: there should be a “deed crafting” menu where I can choose any modifier I want (standard ones: sudden death, vanguard; weaves ones: wind of fire, of light) to create my personal run.


I’d like to like weaves but…

I had some fun in season 1 doing the first 40 of them. I felt they were misguided, but that there was some great potential with them. For me, the biggest failing is - again - the amount of grind. In this instance i’m not even talking about the time wasted unlocking stuff (you should give me some monetary reward for manually upgrading each and every level of each and every weapon, ugh) but the sheer amount of weaves that are there to do. each season…
I’ve tried to be a completionist in this game since I like it so much, but the sheer amount of time I’d need to spend on it to do weave challenges alone is mental.
I’d probably play each weave each season if it was 40 or less. As it is I’m avoiding the system completely.

Only thing I can think of, is, change the “play N quick plays” into “play N quick play weaves” weakly challenge.

But the work is already done for the weaves. What do you mean exactily with “campaign”?

That is a very nice idea. Do you mean something like “Quickplay Modified”? THat would be amazing but then we still have the problem of separate queues. If you talk about crafting own deeds like we have then we still will have the issue of only being able to play with friends. Jsat did a survey some time ago which showed that most people play this game via QP.

When i wrote my post yesterday i really realized that the actual problem is the current loot system and a half-cooked cosmetic shop.(No time incentive if you have done all quests, not many cosmetics)

Yeah, i also dont have the time for that.

I think that “separate queues” is a problem without solution… I mean, if people don’t want to play X mode, you can’t force them to play it introducing weaves into other modes.

The only thing they can do, it’s improve weaves… change how they work, add a reward, etc etc.

Ye, I meant “crafting own deeds”… but they should be open to QP too. There should be a menu that shows every deed someone is hosting so you could choose that one with modifiers you like and join.

I do not, under any circumstances want Weaves mixed into ANY other game mode.

Yeah ok it is probably not good to force others to play the weaves. Maybe it might be better to give an option for the quickplay such as a subcategory/check mark. Then it is kind of optional but we will have two separate queues which might increase the value for those who want to play with “weave modes”.
At the moment the QP weave is again a waste of probably good content.

In the end, the first thing that has to change is still the loot system into the Athanor style.

Survival mode in V1 was unpopular because it has static spawns. FS acknowledged this and this was the reason given why they didn’t do survival mode in V2.

Then they went and poured a lot of time and resources into a game mode that was built on the very same, flawed principle of previously failed content.

Did someone get a stroke at decision-making level at FS and forgot the past and was unable to comprehend what they are getting into with Weaves?

Edit: The only acceptable part of weaves are the Winds of Magic, they can be transferred to ANY other game mode.

Yes, but i think they can make the weaves work for QP. They could introduces randomness.
The Last Stand meant also that you did not move very much and the incentives were also not that nice.

Maybe soul23’s idea with the Mode where you have all sorts of modifiers would help.
The event for example shows how funny and bonkers it can get, but as you know it is the same for one week. It is hard to find people for legend and above.

Before we were hit with the WoM beta and FS was talking about something new, eveyone expected it to be a Deed rework, where you can go and slap every existing modificator to an existing Adventure map. They showed the Winds of Magic in demos and everyone was jizzing their pants.

And then we got slapped in the face with static spawns and at lesst 2/3 of the beta testers either never set a foot into it or dropped it before the second week of the beta ended.

If they wanted to add the director to weaves they would have already.
Let’s just let Weaves rest in peace and focus on something people actually wanted for the past 2 years.

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Well, I haven’t got WoM, and am unlikely to ever buy it.

I think that the Weaves is an entirely seperate game really - seperate progression, weapon stats, grind and gameplay. It’s like a total-conversion mod.

I’d only like the winds modifiers to be available as part of a deed rework, but this would reduce the sales of WoM even further. Maybe owning WoM could open up the winds as deed modifiers to be
selected by the host?

But this is a big what-if.

Wishful thinking.

Please absolutely do not include weaves in the adventure QP in any way. It’s bad enough that Beastmen still appear even though I haven’t got the dlc.

I mean rework a few maps from the base adventure new time of day new weather, few touches here and there maybe reverse them or add some new areas, slap on some punchy new dialog and some new events and amp up a Minotaur and give it a gimmick for a lord fight,

I mean realistically speaking who here wouldn’t mind it if some of the best maps got a make over or some less good ones got fixed up?

A foggy nighttime run of Against the Grain with more pact sworn stuff around with a new ending event or Convocation of Decay but the ending event isn’t the ending event of Convocation of Decay is instantly a huge step up,