Weave rework

i just create this as a suggestions and give some idea cause sometimes fatshark devs look out this forum.

We need a easy way to make weave interesting and playable.

First need a better reward for quick play weave, a soldier chest can be better than a normal one.

second, we need less challenges for season but better reward.
Example :
weave 1-40 = frame
weave 41-80 = a token to exchange for a skin only for weave (a token is better to let you choose the skin for your favorite character)
weave 81-120 = a token for a weave weapon
(weave 120+ need to stay a challenge without reward… only for farmer)

third, we need less ranked weave… something like half the amount we have (for ranked only let quick play stay the same amount) cause grind 120 game is a pain… maybe less lower weave like make 1-40 to 1-20, 41-80 to 21-40, 81-120 to 41-60. (and addapt reward from second point to those number)
121-160 to 61-100

fourth, shuffle the wind… 5 time the same wind is just stupid, winds need to be shuffle to make player switch gameplay every weave !

and last point, we need a custom mode… to allow us to select a map with a wind as we want.

(thanks for Reading and sorry for my english)


Some other changes I would like to see to make Weaves more enjoyable and open to all players:

1.) Scale enemy spawns based on party size

2.) Scale enemy dmg/hp appropriately and not so overbearing where players have to cheese or speed run to win.

3.) Reduce the number of Weaves to 80 and allow players to choose the difficulty in their Ranked Weaves instead of starting from the Recruit ones and gradually increasing (very important to have proper damage scaling for this option as mentioned above). With only 80 ranked weaves and choosing your difficulty, your idea of shuffling the different wind modifiers would definitely work with this idea.

5.) Better rewards. Special hats/skins/weapon illusions that can be used in the main game which might make more people be interested to play Weaves.

6.) Remove the timer

7.) Randomize enemy and item spawns (not fixed)

8.) Completing higher weave levels should unlock the lower weaves or make repeating lower weaves more rewarding when helping out other players

9.) Better Ranked Weaves matchmaking

10.) Essence converter to obtain in-game items such as missing crafting materials, dust, shillings. Once you reach max essence, you have no other use for it.

QuickPlay definitely needs to be looked at but since there are too many weave levels across all of the different difficulties, I have no idea how it can be fixed.

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Biggest problem with the weaves for players like me that don’t play in pre-made teams is the lack of matchmaking. I do enough to get the 40 QP weave frame every season, almost always with bots, and then abandon weaves altogether. I played 45ish ranked weaves in season 1 when ranked matchmaking was possible but you could wait 15-20 minutes just to find one other player and then they’d wanna go down a few weaves to complete ones that you had already done but they hadn’t. Having to repeat the same scripted levels over and over for nearly no reward was tedious at best.

I like the suggestion of having fewer weaves, but I don’t think this is enough to solve the player base fragmentation problem alone. I saw a suggestion a few months ago (sorry I don’t remember who made it) to make matchmaking more efficient in ranked weaves by restricting which weaves could be quick played into each day. Each day or every few days the target weaves change, so if players play regularly then then will eventually complete all the ranked weaves over time.

For example, you have a ‘Daily Weave’ button (like the Weekly Event button in the lobby browser) and a difficulty setting (Recruit, Veteran…Cata3). On day 1, this matchmakes teams only in weaves 1, 11, 21, 31, 41…etc) depending on the difficulty selected. On day 2, you get put into 2, 12, 22, 32, 42…etc. If a season takes 4 months then doing even a weave a day will get you 120 weaves completed. As long as enough people play consistently you’ll be able to find a team. Obviously you can do it much more quickly by finding a team through the daily weave matchmaking and then doing the next few sequential weaves if you like playing with each other.

Barring better matchmaking, the only thing that would get me to bother about ranked weaves is if there was a ‘solo’ version with toned down numbers of enemy spawns.


You’re absolutely right.

There are only 40 hand crafted maps. Could put them all in one pool and just have the wind modifiers be completely random.

Only problem is the difficulty. Players would still be fragmented between Recruit through Cataclysm.

Unless the enemy damage/hp is properly scaled, Fatshark could only have Champion through Cataclysm Weaves since it is supposed to be the end game content. That’s only 3 difficulties and could potentially decrease the gap.

Just don’t know how many people it would upset to remove Recruit and Veteran from Weaves.

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I think we need something way more radical. 160 weaves is - frankly - bullsh*t.
QP weaves are ok, but there’s no incentive to play them.
The wind effects and graphics are cool, maybe they can be used for something else - future maps set partly into the winds of magic? deed rework? weekly maps?

If instead of those near-infinite lobbies we had something close to Fortunes of war - one for each wind - that’d be something much more enjoyable. IMHO.
QP weaves could stay more or less as they are. Does somebody really care about leaderboards? or enjoys the seasonal resets?


100% agree

I don’t but I also don’t get very far in Weaves as I only found 1 other person to play them with and only on Saturdays.

No. I made it to 20 in Season 2 and when I realized I would have to redo them all for Season 3 (because the maps got reshuffled), I stopped playing Weaves.

Especially since the Ranked Weave matchmaking from Season 1 got locked. Can no longer join Ranked Weaves from lobby browser.

Really? This keeps getting better and better XD

At least you should keep the progression of the first 40 weaves. I did them on season 1 and i’ve never gone past those. I haven’t got a group either, and I can’t slowly progress overtime because of the resets. It’s a dead gamemode to me - one which everyone of my friends who has played it through, has thouroughly hated it.

EDIT: I had fun on those, once i was able to find a group for them, but the separate grind is absurd. They should give you the frame for completing those weaves on veteran, champ, legend cata, without having them scale up to those crazy cata 2 and 3. I mean leave them in for whoever enjoys the leaderboards. But really… who does?

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You could during Season 1 but it was removed. No word on whether or not that was intentional or bug but it never came back.

They still show up in the lobby browser under “joinable lobbies” but there’s a huge LOCK on the join button.

Yes and no. When I opened up the Ranked Weaves menu in Season 3, it showed I could play Weave #21 but since the maps were reshuffled in a different order, I would have to redo the first 20 because they had a different wind modifier.

You get special frames from completing the first 5 of the same wind.

Season 2, I completed Light and Bright and got those frames but Season 3 they were changed to 2 different winds.

I hope that makes more sense.

I see what you mean.

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Sorry I wasn’t very clear. IIRC, one of the winds below Weave 20 was changed to Amethyst for Season three. I just can’t remember what the other one was called.

Definitely. I don’t understand at all why to force rushing - and in the end not appreciate the work done by the designers?

It would be great. I really like to playing solo only, but I don’t really like the challenge of dodging 10 assassins and losing on 11th.

But, in fact, if nothing is radically changed, I need three things:

  1. Bots in Ranked Weaves.
    Thanks to them, at least I will be able to get my pitiful frame for 40 first Weaves. I do not expect more, and it never take more with “living players”.

Yesterday and today, thanks to the excitement of the new season, I was able to do it. Despite the actions of some toxic trolls - who clearly enjoy destroying someone else’s game.
Agree, this is disgusting: I wait for 30 minutes, “but no-name” comes in, we start the game for duo. After the start, he writes an insult / some kind of stupidity and exits. I lost not only time on this, but also the opportunity to find adequate helpers. Thx Fatshark for Black List, it not happen again from that ppls.

But in the past seasons, the same thing took months of searching and hours of silly waiting, because the moment was lost.

  1. Privacy of Quickplay Weaves.
    I really like Quickplay Weaves, It can be my favorite game mode, but for some unknown reason I cannot, as host, make my game private! Because of this, the task for 40 Quickplay Weaves should be postponed indefinitely.

  2. Un-block the Challenges of the Season 1.
    Just because no one told me to play 40 Weaves in EVERY CAREER. necessary as soon as possible. I didn’t care about it, waiting for the Weaves fix / improvement. But now it’s closed, it’s so unreasonable.


Spot on. I suspected they would be gone, but even knowing that, would you have played 600 in 3 months? You’re a braver man than I am.


The most offensive thing here is that many of these challenges were done by half more / less.
Just because I was interested in experimenting with weapons and talents in Weaves, but I could only play the lowest Weaves, which are not difficult to play solo.

And I would definitely try to make the challenge “to kill the monster with Azуr’s Lightning”. It has such a … mmm … funny name. Nice Easter Egg. I just had to do it, but I didn’t know!


This, and more randomization of enemy spawns would actually make me consider playing Weaves sometimes.


I really enjoyed the few Weaves I’ve played but unless you have a dedicated team, it’s just not worth the hassle.

I hope Fatshark sees that everyone wants to play Weaves but can’t and thus gives them the motivation to change it.

Keep the ideas coming! I am really liking all of the suggestions. Very insightful.

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I finished today at Weaves # 44 - Gold Canyon (Chamon, Wind of Metall). I basically reached my goal - I got a pitiful first frame, and I’m not sure if I want to continue. For there are more than a hundred Weaves ahead, and it is getting harder and harder.

But, we (me and 2 randoms) played as trio, and it worked out well.
But there was a problem on Weaves 44. Too many heavy metal enemies, super armored rattlings and many assassins. And so little time! It was a bad idea to rush at all, so the map in the result did not comlete, everyone got tired and run away.

I thought: if it is impossible (why not?) to completely destroy the damn timer, then why not give the extra time for bonus essence over the limit? Not just once +5 min, but again and again if same amount of essence collected?
That is, for killed enemies, essence crystal, fractures, etc.

The same would be useful for me in my private Legend Quickplay Weaves *.
Because that’s what I like to play with bots for the sake of the process. It’s like one continuous wave of the horde without interruption but with specials, many elites and monsters.
It’s beautiful, energetic, drive and blood everywhere!

*But I can’t make my Quickplay Weaves private … Damn hell.

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i read everything and take some idea from everyone (thanks a lot).

to me, weave can be nice if they switch the design to this :



Every day you get daily weave with a icon next to them, those weave reward you with shillings and dust, they exist 5 time in the système.
(example : weave 4 - 24 - 44 - 64 - 84 )

we need to have less weave :
1st tier : 1-20 recruit & veteran
2nd tier: 21-40 champion & legend
3rd tier: 41-60 cataclysm
4th tier: 60-100 cataclysm 2 & 3

daily weave give you shillings and dust (legendary dust for 1st tier daily, red dust for upper tier) so if you do the cata 3 daily you get directly all reward, if you do legend one, you get 2/4 reward

in total : 3 legendary dust for tier 1 and 3 red dust (1 for each higher tier)

Winds need to be shuffle.

season can give us some new stuff and new weave but stop the frame système and make a more reapetable content.

delete the timer and make a mission timer too let you know how much time it took you to done it.

Make a matchmaking for weave in general not only quick play.

quick play weave need to have a better chest at the end, like a soldier one.

if you get some new recommandation go ahead !

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For me personally, if they kept the design and function of the weave maps the way they are now (minus the timer), but they changed the way enemy spawns work so that they fall closer to the rules of the usual adventure mode, I’d quickplay them like crazy. Not sure if there would be a place for the 2nd round in the last stand arena at the end of each weave (at least have it randomized as well and closer to the usual final events of the adventure mode), but going through the level in a more traditional fashion and being able to just enjoy the usual chaos and lack of predictability would be a lot of fun.

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yeah, but i think, actually, weave are just a content you play once a season, if they switch to a more repeatable content, we gonna have more content to play everyday.

i mean, a daily or weekly systeme with weave make player stay and play more often.

Daily weaves … Don’t forget player’s as me who plays the game only on the weekends. Because in my “real” life I have to go to work. And I don’t have time every day. Weekly weave challenge on the 4 difficulty’s will be fine. So I can go solo on the lower and I have higher chance to find other players for the higher difficulty on the weekend

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