The Great Weaves Feedback Thread (Season 2 edition)

So new weaves and new seasons :

  • Weaves are in a far better place balance wise (between themselves)

  • Weaves still require probably too much aoe at the moment.
    Which mean sienna is… again… mandatory and melee is still “kinda weak” because of the huge number of enemies constantly (and the lack of cleave, of course).
    Same issue than the 1st season on that part.
    And it won’t be solved if you don’t reduce the numbers (or limit it).
    Mandatory because there’s just too many crowd, too fast.

  • Weaves of death are better now than before. Thanks to the change. I somehow guess than speedying the health decay is probably going “a bit too far”.

  • We did find enough enemy to complete the track, and it’s great. At least this issue seems solved. Timers seems better. For now.

  • Quick play weave would probably be a good idea if you didn’t require again to play ranked for… 120 weaves… again… which is …still a goal way too far for the mortals who have a work.

  • You did fix a lot of cheeses spot, congrats on that part. The difficulty, though, was probably not lowered enough to compensate that. (I actually think that on the 40+ weaves are actually harder to achieve)

  • On the “Season 1” challenges. Could that tab disappear if we can’t progress them anymore ? There’s currently no point to showing us that we didn’t farm 40 weaves for a commendation chests, so it kinda serve no purpose to show that tab. So either allow us to tackle season 1 challenges (why not could change a bit, and allow new players to not see 5 seasons of nothingness in the challenge tab when they come for Season 5), or make that tab disappear.

  • Still not progressing the “100 games achievement” even in champion +. I know it’s probably decided, but that’s seriously hindering the progress here. Weaves are not that faster to complete. I think you really should reconsider this.

  • Can you also please count the 40 first weaves as completed in the challenges as well when you have them completed. It’s more boring to repeat them than it looks.

  • I’m okay with having difficulty. But currently, maintaining weaves without changing things during a whole season, really means the death of this mode during the season (or at least the same 30 persons that complete it fast, and the rest that will try to actually find people to play it).

On that part, quick play weaves failed hard, as it doesn’t provide people for ranked but only for a mode apart. I actually still don’t see any point to preventing quick play to actually join a ranked weave and complete it. People won’t be stronger, so the score for the weave itself won’t be exploitable.

  • We really need you to open the discussion right now about your goals on weaves, the goal you have in mind. I’m not against ranked at all, but at least, you should try to tackle the issues weaves and “limitless difficulty” create BEFORE the end of season.

Guess i’ll give my feedback before i finish weaves. i should specify i’m at weave 85 or so which i think matters when making a feedback post so early.

They seem pretty fair so far and better balanced, yes.

Cata weaves have the same density then Cata adventure maps, or atleast it feels that way. Conflag is a weapon used for cc, like you could use hagbane, shields, spear,… conflag is just the better choice, but you still have a choice. When you start getting into cata2/3 it will be more dense.

this was indeed a good change, but removing the decay speed debuff would just make players not avoid the balls.

Good change. objectives give more essence which is a good thing and something i noticed immediatly.

The weave winds are very cool, some players dont have time/group or intrest to do 120 weaves and just wanna play some vermintide with the wind modifiers, so Quick play weaves are a good addition to the game. Plenty of players get 120 weaves while having jobs, i would say the only issue is finding teammates who want to go to 120 with you.

Yes! alot of fixed cheese spots and glitchy spots (still not all of them). i’m gonna say it: but i used cheese spot for 114, fixing the cheese spots didnt have an impact yet on difficulty for me atleast, maybe it will once the dmg scaling begins.

Can you not complete those achievements anymore? i’m not sure didnt really check, they should be removed and replaced with new ones if thats the case.

i’m of the opinion it should count, but weaves definitly dont take longer to complete then adventure maps, maybe the 90+ weaves.

Gotta do something to get the frame.

I agree that they shouldnt delay balancing because of weaves season, but right now weaves seem pretty fun, i might come edit this once we get slapped with 10000% dmg scaling :’( pls no.

yea i think qp weaves should count towards the frames. i think its fine how they did it now grouped by difficulty, but i dont really know if it will help solo players find a team, as im lucky to have premade group.

What weave are you at right now? so we can get an idea. i can say this already: if 90-120 weaves are gonna be the same as season 1 in terms of dmg scaling (i heard they nerfed it a bit, but idk how much) its gonna suck and not fun, so far it has been fun and challenging, i can take a couple of no sound backstab hits without dying, so, so far so good.

If a dev sees this i would like to ask: is every frame gonna be available for every season? so if i, for example, do 120 weaves on season 3 will i be able to get season 1/2 and 3 frames all at once? or does it stop at season 1 and 3?


They don’t even have scaling for less players nor bot support so getting to 120 is impossible without a full group of friends that even care about weaves which are hard to come by. Unless you want to bug abuse which most people do anyway because weaves are overtuned difficulty wise still. Weaves were a waste of dev time and I’m surprised they don’t just scrap them entirely and pretend it never existed.


They added bots, which are fine for the quick play weaves.

Which bugs are you talking about?

Weaves are a cool concept, winds are fun, etc. Just the dmg scaling, which you dont encounter at like 90.

As in all other recruit/veteran/champion frames that you can complete by only doing legend. I would like this to be the exact same for weaves. Especially since WE DID something, as we unlocked the 40 first already. (+I think they’re potentially a bug as I did the 14 and it did count nothing but will have to check)

No you can’t.
(or the 40 games are bugged)

You have far less bug abuse right now.

Unfortunately, scripts from weaves + time limit makes you need more aoe as you have far more ennemies than your usual not weave cata. Making limitless aoe really relevant (poison, fire) and cleave less powerful (because if you can cleave 3 enemies, it’s a bit less powerful if there’s 100 enemy left rather than 3, aoe sienna doesn’t care if there’s 100 enemies or 3, they’ll all burn anyway)

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120 is too many for mortals ! Cheers on that!

175% damage scaling at weave 120.

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I have said it in other threads and I’m gonna say it again: we need matchmaking for ranked weaves back!

Right now if you start a ranked weave no one can join you, not even trough the lobby browser (for some reasons ranked weaves are forced private). Before season 2 it already was extremely hard to find players and now it’s worse.

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Give us the link to the drive !

Edit: ok I will myself :

Same ol’ link :stuck_out_tongue:

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According to Hedge the removal of the matchmaking for ranked Weaves was not intended. They are probably gonna fix it. But yea, since I play public games I need the matchmaking too. Otherwise I can’t enjoy Season 2.

I realize that it is incredibly late in the season at this point, but I cant find anyone to play ranked weaves with in QP. Ive sat in queue for 15-20 mins and had zero people join, super sadface. It would seem that the players I’ve interacted with feel that there are too few rewards to make weaves worthwhile, and outside of the challenge weaves provide, I’d have to agree.

Are there any plans to implement a reward system that would impact progression for the character rather than only the progression of weaves? For example, rewarding players with chests based on performance much like what we see in regular games? Perhaps unique hats and skins could be rewarded for different tiers of weave play. Rewards could also include cosmetics (not just portrait frames) that are unique to each season, further providing incentive to continue on after resets. There are so many options here!

I’m new to these forums so forgive me if I’m repeating things or missing responses from devs, but I’d really like to be able to QP the hell out of ranked weaves! I think weaves are a nifty idea and they could bring strong replay value to the table if FS finds a way to incentivize!

Please FS, give us some loots for our efforts!

It’s not loot why people don’t play Weaves.

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Seems like end of the season is still a good time for a new round of feedback, no?

The skill-gate this season seemed to be Weave 68.

Handmaiden became the necessary class this season in order to cheese through the first stage of weaves.

Still experienced some sound breaking when too many things spawned. Didn’t seem as bad to me, but I also worked all season unlike my group (yay for being an essential worker :unamused:)

As I mentioned, I’m only going off what other players have told me. I only started the DLCs recently and was pretty surprised at the lack of player presence. I did see that everyone complained about the content of DLCs but I didn’t think they were overly terrible. Again, I actually thought weaves were a nice addition to the game. If it’s not a lack of reward for weaves what is it that is missing?

There are plenty of reasons why weaves isn’t popular. Some of the top of my head are:

  • scripted gameplay
  • don’t like winds or modifers
  • hard to find a group
  • timer
  • not much incentive other then frame (which should be enough)
  • no replayability
  • have to grind out essence again for weapons and talents
  • too difficult
  • just following other’s opinion without playing for themselves
  • behind a paywall (with very bad reviews and combined with other stuff the player maybe doesn’t want)
  • Combine it with how weaves are still in test mode and need things that should of been in the gamemode from release (as you can see on multiple s2 weave review threads)

Those are some solid points.

The scripted gameplay, timer and replay value are odd to me though. When considering those factors, I’m reminded of other games with seasonal ladders and all factors are present without a falling off in community. In fact, seasonal ladders are the sole reason I go back to those games. Aren’t ladders usually the draw for the hardcore players?

I hear you about the rewards, though. I mean, even with only the frames as a reward, I’m still here trying to find groups in QP. I suppose my thought was that more incentive would draw the masses and help to lower long queue times. I guess that doesn’t address the other issues huh? It’s just a damn shame cause I dig the weaves but I has no friends. XD

The very essence, replayability and longevity of Vermintide is that every run is different, due to the randomness generated by the AI Director.
Weave spawns being static, this core is removed from this game mode.

Edit: also, competition was never part of the game until Weaves were created and nobody ever asked for anything competition inducing -> this is a coop game after all - end screen statistics being already bad enough with the green circles.

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It’s not like with ladders in ARPGs like Path of Exile or Diablo 3. Imagine playing a fixed number of greater rifts that don’t randomize (i.e. with non-changing layouts, pylon spawns, and rift guardians) for an entire season. And there’s no loot to grind. You wouldn’t play greater rifts twice after you’ve beat them all. Apart from that, essence progress is not being reset each season - which was a highly necessary change to be made to even keep people coming back to weaves. This means, as a returning player, you play all ranked weaves once they come out and then don’t do it again. Because the randomness that makes Vermintide great is found in regular adventure maps.

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I hadn’t considered the randomness. That makes sense, thanks for explaining boys.

Still sad about it though.

Just trying to fill out my season qps before the next heres my input

-Weaves too intense / nonstop especially on low levels

-Enemies spawning behind you so often not fun when you have to backtrack and deal with.

-Roll screen could use some alternative bonuses since no tomes and grims.

-Scenery too bright and whimsicle really murders my graphics card especially with the intensity of foes and effects going on.