120 Weaves feedback Season 2

I just finished 120 weaves in season 2, and i would like to give some feedback on them, things that have been improved and could be improved even further. I saw some players on these forums who are also going for 120 weaves and arent far behind, and i’d love to hear their feedback aswell.

Positive changes

  1. alot less damage scaling: In comparison to season 1, the damage scaling is much less, i believe its 175%, which is not alot in comparison to 1000% from s1. This made players able to play other careers again, without being forced into a shield burn comp. Good change.

  2. Fixing certain cheese spots: When players did season 1 alot used what we call ‘cheese spots’ where enemies can’t reach you, combined with lingering flames battlewizard, this was the main strat to progress the higher weaves. In s2 they fixed alot of those, which is always good.

  3. Objectives counting 80% of the essence bar: Previously there could be times where you didnt had enough essence, even after doing every objective and killing every enemy, which is now fixed.

  4. Blue ball weave: instead of remove hp, it only removes green health, and gives you a debuff at which ur temp hp starts to decrease faster, great change in my opinion, still makes it so you can run into balls some time, but stilll punishes you if you do. only minor complaint is with a pyro, merc, zealot you have so much temp hp generation you basically negate every debuff, maybe this doesnt happen on lower level weaves, because you have less enemies.

Improvements for season 3

Personal toughts on what could improve for next season

  1. Add matchmaking to ranked weaves: I’m sure Fatshark is already aware of this, but this would be a good QoL improvement

  2. Remove damage scaling: I’m still not a a fan of damage scaling, a little bit of damage scaling is fine, maybe make it 140-150% max

  3. Make every map the same in difficulty: I’m not sure if fatsharks plays their own higher weaves but some maps + certain winds + scripted events can make such a huge difference in difficulty. Either play them and organize them in order, or nerf them, because right now you can play For example 104 (not sure if thats the triple mino totem weave, but its the one i mean) and then the next ones are super easy in comparison, it’s weird.

  4. shorter maps or more time: these go hand in hand, because we have a timer, and because objectives count 80% towards your progress bar, killing objective weaves for example, don’t take long, and most of the time you are skipping 1/3 or even 2/3 of the map, because you either dont have time, or your bar is full and you just kite towards the ending with your team.

  5. Leaderboards need fixing: If leaderboards should be the only reason we play the weave season, it should work and be reliable, Invite ranks are still available, boosting score by leaving at the end of a weave, weave score not showing on leaderboards because host crashes (which happend to us), plenty of other ways to boost score, i did some testing in season 1 and i’m pretty sure you could artificially boost your score by leaving instead of dying, because you get less points for dmg taken/downs/deaths/time spent etc

  6. Remove lingering flames: This talent is broken, the higher the density, the more usefull this talent becomes, yes it kills slow on normal adventure mode., but in weaves where you sometimes get vomited alot alot of enemies, this talents shines and is still as broken as in season 1. Combine this with ‘cheese spots’ and u basically can’t die while completing the weave. Either tone down certain density on certain maps (as point 3 discusses)or remove lingering, i would say remove lingering.

  7. Give us a new wind/different adventure map or different scripted events: as i did season 1, every weave is the same as in season 1, the only difference is they shuffled the winds around, there is basically nothing new, except we got to enjoy them with different careers now. I don’t expect every season a new bit of a map or 20 new winds or new scripted fights, but atleast give us something new in a season, that makes it worth checking out in the season, if that is 1-2 new winds or a different adventure map changed into a weave map, anything would be better then just re using the same winds and fights and maps

  8. Clear about rewards: Communication has been an issue sometimes, and i appreciate the effort to keep us in on whats going on around the company with the weekly friday posts, i enjoy them personally. A good improvement for season 3 would be to be clear and upfront on if there are gonna be rewards only available in this season, if it will rotate back in or not, etc (there is a huge post in the feedback catergory if you wanna check it out) Please be clear about any specific rewards at the start of the season, so nobody get suprised. from what i understand now, by looking at the achievements tab, the season 1 frame is gonna be available to everyone, every season, and the season 2 and the coming ones i’m assuming, will be season locked

  9. Make the first 40 weaves complete: I dont understand that we can start playing from weave 40, but still have to clear 1-40 to get the frame, this is super boring. Make it unlock automaticly or make us unlock the 1-40 frame by doing 40-80, they are the same winds etc, just harder.

This is all i could think of right now. i would love to get everyones feedback, if you did weaves and have some feedback, please post them, but try and also include which weaves you did so people reading this can get an idea of the difficulty you play them on and what issues bother you about them. (or the positive changes).

ps: the only thing that made me very annoyed and mad where the amount of crashes happening during weaves, , it made me enjoy those last weaves alot less, frustrated me alot. I’m sure some crashes happen on adventure mode aswell, and are not all on weaves only.



I was in the same group as Mattie for season 1 where we did 1-160 and i am in the same group with him for season 2 where we did 41-120 and i agree with everything he has put here.

The only thing i would like to add myself is fire weaves are boring and need changing to something else.

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Same feedback that I did in the other topic :
Currently at 117, but I guess you can count 120 as I’m planning on finishing very soon =p

So new weaves and new seasons :

  • Weaves are in a far better place balance wise (between themselves)
  • Weaves still require probably too much aoe at the moment.
    Which mean sienna is… again… mandatory and melee is still “kinda weak” because of the huge number of enemies constantly (and the lack of cleave, of course).
    Same issue than the 1st season on that part.
    And it won’t be solved if you don’t reduce the numbers (or limit it).
    Mandatory because there’s just too many crowd, too fast.
  • Weaves of death are better now than before. Thanks to the change. I somehow guess than speedying the health decay is probably going “a bit too far”.
  • We did find enough enemy to complete the track, and it’s great. At least this issue seems solved. Timers seems better. For now.
  • Quick play weave would probably be a good idea if you didn’t require again to play ranked for… 120 weaves… again… which is …still a goal way too far for the mortals who have a work.
  • You did fix a lot of cheeses spot, congrats on that part. The difficulty, though, was probably not lowered enough to compensate that. (I actually think that on the 40+ weaves are actually harder to achieve)
  • On the “Season 1” challenges. Could that tab disappear if we can’t progress them anymore ? There’s currently no point to showing us that we didn’t farm 40 weaves for a commendation chests, so it kinda serve no purpose to show that tab. So either allow us to tackle season 1 challenges (why not could change a bit, and allow new players to not see 5 seasons of nothingness in the challenge tab when they come for Season 5), or make that tab disappear.
  • Still not progressing the “100 games achievement” even in champion +. I know it’s probably decided, but that’s seriously hindering the progress here. Weaves are not that faster to complete. I think you really should reconsider this.
  • Can you also please count the 40 first weaves as completed in the challenges as well when you have them completed. It’s more boring to repeat them than it looks.
  • I’m okay with having difficulty. But currently, maintaining weaves without changing things during a whole season, really means the death of this mode during the season (or at least the same 30 persons that complete it fast, and the rest that will try to actually find people to play it).

On that part, quick play weaves failed hard, as it doesn’t provide people for ranked but only for a mode apart. I actually still don’t see any point to preventing quick play to actually join a ranked weave and complete it. People won’t be stronger, so the score for the weave itself won’t be exploitable.

Will add some precisions :

  • 120 weaves is actually doable timewise IF you find a party of 4. For now, this is kinda hard as qp weaves do divide a bit more the few that play weaves =p
  • Difficulty on 40 was not lowered enough. It’s okay for 80-120 though.

Edit : 120 done

Note that the feedback do seems negative, because it’s all about the drawbacks, but Season 2 is overall a MASSIVE improvement from Season 1.


you guys also running in to a lot host crash? At 117 atm.

Can confirm. Weaves 116, 118 and 119 had the host always crashing for us, had to do those twice.

Fcuk this, Gold Weaves 115-120 are crashing most of the times for the host. 101-105 all over again.

When i was hosting i crashed at 116-118-120. When we changed host and did them again, the different host only crashed on 120.

yea, same thing as 101-105

We crashed multiple times (client side) at 95. Right as we finished loading in.

Add matchmaking to ranked weaves : I’m sure Fatshark is already aware of this, but this would be a good QoL improvement

You can’t even join through lobby browser, or set game as public that’s quite annoying for casual people who don’t have a lot of friend in the game to play with, still last season manage to get 120 with grind…

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I would also like to have matchmaking back for ranked weaves. I was in a group of about 6-7 last season so I was often the odd man out. I ended up with lots of gaps in my weave levels, so I filled most of 40-100 through random groups. Most of the people I did season 1 with aren’t playing anymore, so I’m struggling to find people and times to play weaves in season 2. Matchmaking would be a nice addition to help with this.