Rework of custom/quickplay/ranked

Well, i made a post a few days ago about weave rework and want to share some suggestion about other system rework. (i don’t know if make a new post is better than make a replies, but this post can be a clean and full version of what i want to tell.)
(sorry for my english)

In my suggestion :
weave doesn’t have a timer anymore
weave quickplay aren’t in a different section than normal quickplay,
weave quickplay can have 20% chance to be played when the host have winds of magic (edit: and check the check box),
you gain a soldier chest of the difficulty you select if you complete a quickplay weave.

(edit: ranked weave need bots and need to be joinable by quickplay if weave checkbox is check.)

Ranked weave go from 1 to 100
1-20 = recruit to veteran
21-40 = champion to legend
41-60 = cataclysme
61-100 = cataclysme 2&3

Custom game allow you to choose a deed & wind mutator, (edit: only 1 wind mutator max, you can select 3 mutator max to get 1 chest xp bar)
if you select a deed the game is register as deed for the quickplay finder
if you select a wind the game is register as weave for the quickplay finder
you can select wind mutator only if you have winds of magic.
if you select both, only player with both selected can join

Wind mutator doesn’t change the look of the map, you only get the wind effect.

if a player use quickplay and join a custom game with wind or deed mutator, he gain the reward emplifier for the final chest (you can see in bellow images)

The mutator reward emplifier add 1/3 chest xp bar per mutator. (max 1 bar)

Ranked weave progression doesn’t reset anymore,
Every day, a daily ranked weave is available and give more reward if done in higher difficulty (see images bellow)

Fortunes of war get weekly with more reward if done in higher difficulty (see images bellow)

(Edit: Athanor give +300 power lvl for weave game mode, doesn’t work as a build creator, only a buff system, you can apply 3 bonus in amulet of ashur.
Each bonus have 3 or more choice, you can select only one and get this bonus for weave game mode only.
Athanor get a season shop where you can find a repeatable chest progression.
You can complete the progression with essence and get the reward when progression complete.
Athanor weapons are now only skins ! When you unlock a athanor skin, you can equip or unequip it to replace you weapon skin to those skin in weave game mode only.)



select a deed mutator:

select a wind mutator:

custom with mutator:

ranked weave:

weave daily:

fortunes of war weelky:

EDIT: (every images bellow are post by editing)

athanor weapons skin:

athanor season loot: (it’s just an example)

athanor amulet upgrade: (it’s just an example)


Wait… are you… are you suggesting that if I join QP I might get chance to be in a game mode I absolutely detest?

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Not if you uncheck the box (look at the image) you can check if you want deed / weave or not…

So err, leave it how it is you mean - where people can choose what they want to do by selecting weave or deed?

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They can select deed or wind in custom game and weave in ranked weave
if they just want a quick play they can select quick play,
if they want quickplay with weave/wind, they can check weave,
if they want quickplay with deed, they can check deed,
if they want a quickplay with both, they check both

This just transfers the Weave complaint of a split playerbase all queueing for different things into adventure mode.

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Quickplay with this thing gonna make less player alone and less waiting for player to join your match.
Weave gonna be more interest cause reward gonne be better and deed gonna be more easy to join.
Ranked weave and custom game gonna be used if you want deed / weave / wind / a spécifique map.
And a matchmaking easier for everyone…
Actually if you want to quickplay weave, you can’t just start a quickplay randomly in any game mode…
You need to select a spécifique quickplay and you gonna wait 3h to find someone.
If you have this kind of quickplay mode, more player gonna start a “all check” quickplay, soo more player in ALL matchmaking !

I like the idea of customization in the menu

  • it would actually be worth playing weaves if you could actually obtain red drops err I mean red dust maybe reds for champ/+ difficulty and regular dust green/blue/orange for lower difficulties

  • really like the idea of fixing the QP setup or just in general sorting out the lobby you prefer

  • maybe it could chest or dust drop instead of it only just it being one or the other

  • reward at end could of regular quest could also add an additional drop for carrying books which could give you some shillings or dust with the included box

  • yes i know you can just muck weapons for dust, but if they are just going to make us grind dust all day, why not just add a little bonus on top

at any rate just having a filter system in the menu would be QoL

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not sure about weapons drop/shillings cause we actually have normal daily/weekly to get shillings and normal map for loot box.

that’s how i think this systeme :
you want shillings do daily/weekly
you want dust do daily weaves /weekly fow
you want loot box do quickplay

with this, routines be like :
per week :
weekly event + weekly fow
per day :
daily quest + daily weave

Still would split people up.

How many people do you think will check the wind modifier box?

more than player using actual weave quickplay.

i don’t know for you, but i really don’t care if i join a quickplay legend weave if they are no timer and a soldier chest at the end, it’s gonna be a fast quickplay with a good loot.
in my case, i’m not a huge fan of deed, so just gonna check the weave one (so i can have a normal map with wind or a weave or normal game) and enjoy quickplay !

i miss something, ranked weave need to have bots, i edit the first post to add it.

cause ranked weave need to be joinable with quickplay !

i see some people questionning about athanor and leaderbords,
if athanor stay it need to be a power boost for weave, not a build editor.
something like:
you can choose to get some upgrade like adding life leech on your melee attack, adding poison on your distance/melee.
and power boost your power level for weeve only.

leaderbords… well, this is actually useless but they can let it how is it.

Really like this suggestion, though I would argue that more flexibility is needed with deed mutators.

I would really like it if I was able to select more than just one deed mutator, so I can really customise the game to my preferences, to make it a true custom game.

IMO each deed modifier should add half a progress bar for Ranald, so if I choose to do a three mutator run, I could skip grims or tomes and have the same result. I´d be happy to give up the two extra Emperor´s Vaults such a deed would give me for the flexibility to pick and choose what game I play.

Though on the other end, for those of us capable, brave or stupid enough to try doing a four deed mutator with all tomes and grims, there should be an additional benefit. IMO a practicable solution would be for the chest progress bar to reset after reaching Emperor´s status, whereas the remaining progress should go into another chest. I.e. a 4 mutator full book run should have at least an Emperor´s level chest and one bar of progress left for the next one.
It would also be cool for Ranald´s gift to be doubled if one reached an Emperor´s level of chest without it.

In my presentation, you can select 3 mutator as you want, each give you 1/3 progress bar,
you can select 3 deed mutator,
or 1 wind mutator + 2 deed mutator…
(max 1 wind mutator)

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I’m gonna make more precision in my main post as edit and add some images about athanor rework idea

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For deed mutator, maybe adding twitch mode effect can be nice.
Same for weekly event effect.

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You really have some great idea’s

and upping the rewards for weaves is not a bad idea (Its hard to find people who want to do it)
lets hope some of your idea’s get trough.

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Thanks, i know this ideas are huge rework, but with luck, ft maybe gonna see this post and work on weaves / deeds / quickplay to make everyone play together with easy matchmaking and more reward that doesn’t need to be update every season…

IF they stay with season systeme, we gonna have some trouble when ft stop working on vermintide.
no new season mean no reward. (that’s what’s bother me a little about vermintide futur.)

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