More option for quick play ? Suggestion

I made a image of what i think of. Just a option to host a quick play and if you have winds of magic a option to make it have a weave alteration to make it more dangerous and fun… but with the same goal as a normal game. Weave alteration can be a bonus as take a grim in a game to have better chest at the end.
(Ps: sorry for my english)

Just to clairfy are you talking about winds the mod that is applied to the world, or weaves the preconstructed maps with fixed spawns?

Anyway I think if we want winds added to the base maps (and I very much do!) we should do it with a deeds overhaul. I do like this option for quick play too. Leave three check boxes one for missions (normal maps) one weaves and one for Deeds. All this stuff is in game making it easier to access seems like a reasonable move.

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I don’t think make 3 matchmaking for the same game is a good idea… but make winds (yep i talk about winds) added to the normal matchmaking can be better to add more random game and less boring.

Those game modes already exist all the QP menu does is allow players easy access to them or options to opt in for multiple types of content then let matchmaking fill them where appropriate.

And winds are another map mod like so many others, their combination into a system that already incorporates those things into it just increases its potential variety. And if all you want is just X map with Y mod then just have the wind as the sole modifier.

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I gonna try to write what i think simply (i’m not good in english that doesn’t help me)

A choice when you select Quick play,
If you want to join a game, you gonna join a game with maybe winds active (and i agree with the fact that deeds need to join matchmaking as same)
If you create a game, you can choose between :
Normal mode
Normal mode with winds (if you have Winds of magic)

If you complete a map with spécific mode like deed or winds, you gain a bonus for the final chest :
Winds can count as a grim
And Deed (depend of the difficult of the deed)

Weave need to stay a différent matchmaking cause it’s a different game.
And The lobby Browser, make a column with “mode” to see if it’s normal / winds / deed

I understand what you are getting at I just think you are wrong in the implementation of it.

Yes weaves are a different game mode but QP is a system to provide quick access to the game. The check box for weaves, Deeds and Regular maps all makes sense because each one offers a different thing but a quick way to opt in and out for any of them that you want shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t want to do weaves you just wouldn’t click the box. This increases potential variety within quickplay because if you are open to anything you can sign up for everything (within the difficulty bracket of course).

Finally I disagree with having a separate check box just for winds. There’s nothing wrong with it in a vacuum but I think its short sighted. There are tons of great mods, the twins weekly, vanguard, winds, deprivation, night map ect. Adding a check box at the QP hub for just that one thing is going to lead to it getting cluttered espeically when there’s no reason that mod should take priority over any other mod. You specifically like that one but the better option is to create a option that would provide better infrastructure and accessibility to all of the possible level modifiers. Which to my understanding is Deeds.

There’s nothing wrong with a winds opt in but if we’re gonna do that why not take the time to make it work with everything else including weaves so that the whole experience is easier to interface with.

i create a second “quick play” suggestion if you want to look out
You can select if you want to play normal quick play by select none of the choice,
Or select to join deed / winds map if one started.
Or at least Host one, if you select host winds map, that’s gonna be a random winds on a random map.
If you select host deed, you gonna host a random deed (random effect) on a random map.
If you select both, you gonna go on a winds deed map.
Deed and winds need to give xp of a grimoire for the chest completion.
Grimoire and tomes need to spawn EVERY TIME (hate the thing that deed with “no loot” doesn’t spawn grim and tomes)