QuickPlay Quests

I think the Weekly Event and the Weave Quickplay should count towards the complete 10 quickplays weekly quest.

Every time I get that one, I never finish them.

1.) The Weekly Event acts exactly like the QP feature so it’s a no-brainer on why that should count.

2.) Adding the QP Weaves to be counted for quests will give an alternative option to players who don’t have time to run a regular map. Don’t these players deserve as much time and respect as your regular players?

I am so glad that a lot of people here have time to finish 10 full QP maps per week but there are other people, me included, who never get to finish that quest.

I just feel like opening these other QP style game modes to be counted for the QP quests will give players who don’t have a lot of a time an opportunity or chance to complete them.

If it looks like a QuickPlay, swims like a QuickPlay, and quacks like a QuickPlay, then it probably is a QuickPlay and thus should be counted as a QuickPlay for the quests.


I don’t know why Fatshark force people in pre-made teams to play quickplay games - it should be ‘Complete 10 games’.

The Weekly Event is pure trash which nobody plays, so why inflict this garbage on your playerbase?

Furthermore, why require grims and tomes? It just forces Cata quickplay players to drop down to Legend quickplay where all book runs are standard.

The weekly quests should be more generic and not force players to play in ways they don’t like. If you wanna play in a pre-made? Fine. You wanna play cata with no books? Fine. You prefer weaves to standard maps? Fine. Hours devoted to the game should be rewarded no matter how it’s spent playing. Quests should be capable of being completed in any game (no QP, no books, no art unless it is put in weaves, no Weekly event, just monsters/enemies killed, headshots, games completed).

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Yes and tomes/grims weekly quests need to be removed/changed to different quests too.

I’d go as far as saying the weekly event quest needs to be removed/changed too, i know loads of players who happily play twins or vanguard twins but the rest of them? Not a chance. Me included.

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I agree to both of your points. There are litte enough incentives as it is to playe (qp-)weaves or the weekly.

I’d like to see this happening in a deed/weaves rework where we would have adventure mode and modified mode. Then you could have weeklies for adventure mode, playing the normal maps as is and weeklies for modified mode where the maps would contain a random assortment of modifiers picked from a pool of weekly/deed/weave/twitch modifiers

But I don’t think that FS is gonna respond to the time argument. I mean, that they aren’t exactly respectful of players’ time is painfully obvious. If the RNG crafting and skin aquisition isn’t hint enough you just have to look at the current season, where a new frame was added to completing weaves up to 160. I did 120 weaves in S2 and S3, taking me around ~80 hours playtime and a couple hours more on finding people and organising groups. 40 of the hardest weaves more would push this at around 120hrs I think, since more skill is necessary by each player and groups are harder to find. Especially if you can’t commit for a couple of hours at a time. And all of that in just a few months.

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