"Quick play" weaves doesn't count for "Quick play" quests

…And this is disturbing.


I doubt it is a bug. But yea, it totally should. If they don’t want People Feeling punished for playing Weaves in regards to the Weekly Quests than they should make some changes to them like:

  • Weave quickplay counting as quickplay
  • Bosses dropping Loot dices although it doesn’t make sense
  • Adding a ravaged art and/or tome to the arena sections (not sure on grims)

Also as you said in another thread, the 100 Champion+ games should be progressable in Weaves too. A bit more flexibility in that regard would be nice as right now I am stuck between not going to do much Weaves (only solo as still waiting for ranked Weaves fix) or not caring for Weekly Quests (additionally hindered by the quickplay bug).

But I think this is better suited in the feedback section although i seem to remember you making a thread for this in the past. Or was it only a reply to something else?

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I do also think that, but it can be something that has been “forgotten”. So not a bug per see, but something that was not thought or discussed in any form. Which is why I report it as a bug, in case of.

(same for champion games, as I really would like to be able to progress in the weaves, as it’s my most played mode right now)

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