Suggestion: Let us reroll a weekly quest once or remove the 10 quickplay quest because it is bugged

I have gotten that weekly quest three weeks in a row and failed to complete in all of them. This is not for lack of trying, I only have so much time to play the game and not all matches count for the achievement. Weekly event matches don’t count for quick play despite the map being randomized. And any time quick play matches you into a lobby instead of an ongoing mission there is a chance that it doesn’t count as quick play because the host started that lobby as a custom game. On top of that I play Legend/Cata and not every pub match ends in a win.

For those reasons I have failed to meet my quota despite having played many more games than that. Before Lohner’s Emporium was a thing I wouldn’t really care about this, at most I would lose the quickplay bonus for loot calcs. But 50 shillings is a significant portion of my income and it ruins my enjoyment if I finish every other quest on the list and feel like I have to grind quickplays just to finish the last one.

So my suggestion would be to simply remove it from the pool of possible weekly quests in favor of more interesting tasks. OR give us one reroll a week so that we can change a single quest for another one.

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I usually just rush on Recruit through Weekly and in sub 15 minutes (depending on a map) get sweet-sweet Shillings. No need to push yourself through higher difficulty if you do not like it.

For Quickplays challenge I’d also advice running them through on difficulty that you have confidence in clearing and still doesn’t bore you, I do find Champ really enjoyable.

It doesn’t change the base problem that you can complete 20 “quickplay” games and still have a progress of wero. Other quests like the Ravaged Art have been reduced to laughable numbers, only the quickplay stayed at 10. Before we could at least get lucky and have something from 3 to 10 but this has been removed.

As it is currently, the quickplay quest is kinda annoying. So I support the suggestion for getting ONE reroll per week or at least give us a punishment quest as replacement. Something like: You don’t want to quickplay/Weekly Event/etc.? Sure, collect 30 Arts instead. Seriously, I would so favour 30 Ravaged Arts over 10 quickplay because it is far more consistent and enjoyable.

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Ehm, I support fixing the bug that causes quickplays to not count…? As in whenever quickplay sorts you into a game that wasnt hosted as quickplay.

In the meantime, I recommend the Host Quickplay Mod. These games count 100%.

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Because of the problems I mentioned 10 quickplays feels like the old 30 ravaged arts to me. I would be fine with it if they reduced it to 6.

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