Weekly quest

New weekly quest is boring and draw you attention from other things, such as deeds and challenges.

25 quickplays is a lot. thats minimum of 12 hours of flawlessly winning every map. Thats not a problem on veteran, but I doubt someone have 100% win rate on champ or legend. Please make it either 15, or count all completed missions, not just quickplays.

And make it interesting, make it 3 plays per character, or “slay 4 lords”, or complete act 1/2/3 or repeat this challenge

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I would prefer if they changed it to all missions and scale the number by difficulty. Legend mission could be counted as 3, champ 2, veteran/recruit 1.


Also good idea

I do only Legend with randoms. Thats fun for me but i am sure as hell i wont make 24 QP Legend pugs during one week. I would have to play whole weekend only this game.

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its funny im sitting here thinking well its a big step up over the current system which for me is 400 hours and zero so being able to get a guarenteed drop for only around 10% of that sounds like a huge improvement.
But its like when a battered wife is saying its alright he only used an open hand this time , just because its better doesnt make it good does it!

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Also make them re-rollable.

I agree with it´s a lot and i would prefer some deeds etc too. But you also could “speedrun” on recruit. ^^

On the other side, the game become quite easy/bugged`??? Bosses fall quite fast and there less horde than before (feels about 50% less).
Me and a friend played with 2 randoms yesterday, we finished every game and even skittergate took about 22min…
So we had about 9 runs in 3h. The ai director got wrecked or just “fixed” for newcomers / casuals. Legend became really fast and “unfun”.

still getting spawn + ambush in the second room of convocation of decay

Thats disgusting

Well @Darth_Angeal , I don’t know you personally, but as far as I understand you’re kinda pro Vermintide player, or at least that’s the rep that you have on this forum. Just because something is easy and fast for you and your entourage doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easy and fast for the rest of us (with or without “fixed” AI) :slight_smile:

I do know and i care about it. But FS can´t patch this game just for newcomers or players with less time. There is a core, that like challenges at all and i´m one of that.
I wrote down a lil overall view in this forum. So atleast i hope for a new difficulty with the same loot as legend (no deeds). Me and some other guys just play for the gameplay and don´t care about loot. Actually it´s just no fun to for us to run through the maps with no challenging aspect. ( like boss + horde + specials before )

And enough about off-topic… i agreed that it´s too much and that some better ideas would be awesome. Maybe just 15 qp runs? or 5 qp runs + kill 20 CW´s + kill atleast 1 lord in a week etc.
Weekly and daily quests should be more than kill xy / play as xy.

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