[Hotfix] Weekly Quest reset timers & additional Illusions


We’ve just made changes which will update the weekly reset timers for the Weekly Bogenhafen Quest so that it now runs Monday through Sunday.

This is the first (and by no means last) update to the Weekly Quest - we’re taking on your feedback regarding the Weekly DLC Quest on board and are discussing what changes we’ll be making.

For those heroes who owned multiple Veteran Halberds and Volley Crossbows prior to patch 1.2 and only received 1x Illusion upon launch of patch 1.2, you should now find the additional Illusions in your list upon logging in next.


Nice! I really hope you reconsider the reward and effort required for the weekly quests. One chest for so much work that will only give you one item you most likely won’t even want is just sad.

The daily quests could use some love too, I literally haven’t looked at that page since they launched. Compared to the old quests and contracts in VT1 (which was one of my main motivations to play) they’re just pointless. Too easy to do, with a worthless unknown and unlikely to be special reward.


Thanks for the update. I like this patch. But 25 quick play games for the weekly is way too many! I can only knock out three quick play games per night. It would be great if the weekly was 9 quick play games instead. If you want us to only get one of these boxes per week that is fine - just please make it more obtainable. Thanks have a nice day


I’m not sure that it works this way,. doesn’t the daily challenges already persist until you choose to discard them even if it’s been over a day? Regardless if this is the case or not it’s a good fit for the weekly qp challenge anyway. I don’t have time to play 25 games per week either and it would be nice to still get cosmetics some times even though I mainly pay for the DLC to support the game (not super interested in cosmetics at all).

Good to know.
Though I’d primarily like to have chests be weighted towards the class you’re on, like normal chests.
Grinding down a weekly quest, a task that would be perfectly acceptable without a weekly quest, just because the game is fun, and then getting something you will never use just devalues the entire experience.
It’s like the game is telling me “Ah, you had fun, didn’t you? But I’d like to remind you that YOU GET NOTHING! All your efforts were for naught!”.
Honestly, the DLC is an exercise in frustration and I’d rather not have bought it.
Edit: Maybe, in the future, have multiple subquests, of which you don’t need to do all?
Then you could have options to require less games on higher difficulties, or allow someone a shortcut by doing something really unusual.

Lower number of qp from 25 to 20 at least, better to 15


Please discuss the changes quickly. The game is at 60% negative reviews on steam.

People didn’t pay £7 to take on another full time job… grinding.

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While we’re at it, can you tell us what exactly you were thinking with that new and unnecessary RNG system?
People pay for a DLC that contains new cosmetics, but you are afraid of people getting them too fast, so you tweak the system so they don’t actually get the cosmetics?
That’s like a car salesman afraid that you won’t be coming back, so you’ll only get the air conditioner next year and if you drive a lot and come back every month, you might have a full set of winter tires in time for the first snow - Because he firmly believes that it’s really nice if people get something new every week, especially if they paid for it months in advance and ha can decide what they get.

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25 missions under a week is NOT a full time job! 25 mission is not the problem, the problem is that the reward is not enough to actually make people doing the missions. The weekly mission in V1 was worth two keys, that’s not much, but it was 1 cataclysm mission for double the reward for a daily mission. I don’t know what the reward should be but atlteast 3 bögenhafen chests, maybe more.
Also if you look at the reviews it’s 90% whine from entitled people who think that everything should be free, they should get every cosmetic in the game wihout doing anything and want all red items just by starting the game. They will keep complaning about everything fatshark does. I’ve seen people complaning about the DLC costing money, NONE of their previous DLC’s has been free, they have never stated they will be free so where did people get that idea from?

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Actually the key mechanic in V1 was so much better, because difficult quests had better outcome and rare items were more expensive (time consuming). This actually pushed me in trying higher difficulties whereas only counting quick play runs in general does feel pretty shallow and “grindy”.


The only reason it felt more rewarding in V1 was becuse of the crappy lootsystem. In V2 loot almost has no point since you can craft a decent weapon without any problems. But to get a red glaive in V1 you had to play one map on cata with all tomes and grims. And your chances would still be slim to none to get what you wanted.
Most of V1’s bounty board quest was horrible overall, I don’t want the mission style in V2, same reason I ignore deeds, they are just awful and give little to no reward. I think they should rethink the entire mission style to get more interesting quests. More of challanges than just play X number, kill X number of Y. For instance, playing a level without any ranged weapons, blocks are no longer effective, unable to dodge and so on. Make it harder, and make it more rewarding. Getting 1 random cosmetic item won’t make me care. I mean, cosmetics overall for me are unnecessary, I can’t see them anyway so why would I care?

I’m not a fan of either system, I think they both suck equally but for different reasons.

Hello there! I have a small question to ask, if you don’t mind. : )

My dad and I have been playing together for about 600 hours now. I have 582 hours, and my dad has a a bit more than 620. My dad mains Sienna big time. I’m sure that over half of his hours is Sienna game play, but there is a problem. He has been grinding this entire time for a Veteran Beam Staff, and just recently I heard a rumor that the Veteran Beam Staff and Veteran Halberd don’t exist, at least not yet. Is this true? It would put us at peace of mind to have either a yes, or a no. An answer would be very much appreciated. : )

I don’t have either but I have seen them both around, I think halberd just got a skin for its red tho

Reds? I got both halberd and beamstaff twice. The halberd didn’t have a skin until the DLC, though.

As someone using Sienna, a Veteran Beam Staff exists. There are two skins for them. Marietta’s Molten Massacre (blue-ish “The Cursed Stick of Pietr Cross”), and Infused Immolator of Itza (blue runes on a “Dreiberg’s Disintegrator”).

Another 25 quick plays this week. You have got to be joking on these weekly’s

Yeah, I’m pretty bummed about them. Working two jobs and don’t have more than a few hours to play every week, so I guess I won’t ever complete those…

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Don’t worry, you wouldn’t get anything you want from them anyways. :slight_smile:

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