Weekly has basically become a daily?

Seems extremely easy. My friends has kill 25 elites and so on. That seems super easy? You can basically clear most of these in 3 legend games? Still though, you went from clear 25 QPs a week to clear 3? The collect 24 tomes is one of the longer ones.

They change.
For instance for this week I had 10 QP, 45 elites, 9 tomes.
Last week I had 9 tomes, 15 grims, 10 QP.

People complained 25 QP was too many and one weekly was too little.

I am fine with the new weekly’s btw.


Compared to the original implementation, I’m quite happy with the current length of the weeklies, even if some are possible to finish in a single run (kill 40 elites).

They’ve already mentioned further work to the quests to make the quests more interesting:


I think the usual value for Weekly is 10 QP, your quest at 3 QP may be a bug ^^
But yeah, now weekly can be finished by people who mostly work during week, and mostly play on week end :stuck_out_tongue:


While many of the weeklies are now quite easy to do (in today’s session I got two of the three done, and most of the third), I understand that not everyone can or wants to play several hours on a weekday night. And while Elite kills are very quickly, likely in one run, reached on Legend, not everyone (or even most players) play Legend.

My only gripe with the weeklies and honestly the Quests in general is that they’re boring, requiring no effort beyond regular play. Okay, I don’t play Quickplay that much, though that has changed a bit now that we gained a fourth player in our group, and not everyone wants to play every character, but there’s always the daily reroll. I do agree with FS that tying the Quests to certain maps is too restrictive and affects the public games’ map rotation too strongly, and a few of the VT1-style Quests were also somewhat disruptive for normal gameplay, especially because some people prefer to restart immediately if some things fail. But things like Grenade kills could easily be an interesting variant to normal gameplay without disrupting anything.


honestly speaking, i don’t think it is fatshark’s intention to make it god-awful hard for players to get cosmetic chests from the bogenhafen dlc. we did pay for it after all, and locking the paid content behind hundreds of hours of playtime doesn’t sound very good to me.

getting cosmetic lootboxes through regular play seems fine.


I love the new weekly’s. The original QP value is 10 QP games.

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I disagree

This isn’t a V1 contract for red item.
It shouldn’t take days worth of manhours to gain these.
And there are people who
a)Dont play much in general
b)Disconnect on QP’s so it was/is unreliable for them

I do think however, that some quests / contracts could award a specified item(s) instead of just boxes.
And they could be harder or require group to push or go out of their way.

People are reading too much into this, my problem is that some of the challenges are clear bugs, 3 quick plays, kill 25 elites, etc .

Which I’m assuming are daily challenges which have crossed over to weekly by accident. It’s a bug, good god, calm down lads.

Actually, its not a bug. If you read some of the dev posts about the change, its understood as intended.
They did say they were brainstorming on new types of quests.

Well then, if the weekly quest is honesty meant to be only 3 long, well, ok then. GG.

The DLC weekly quests are complete garbage both in function and purpose. The workflow of how they go is:

  • Player buys DLC maps

  • Player unlocks DLC Weekly quests

  • Player now must complete weekly quests to very slowly unlock customizations they purchased

The way this works is, you paid to give yourself a new job to do regularly, for content you probably neither want nor will use. Did I miss anything? It’s a pretty malicious way to exploit the already diminished player base to continue to grind out games.

take for example any other game with DLC content. WoW with their expansions, or older game’s like baldurs gate with similar expansions. or guitar hero with new songs which can get you new clothing. or blood and wine DLC with the witcher.

do any of these games give you 100% of new stuff without you needing to do anything at all? nope. but you seem to be strongly against this mode of paid entertainment.

i’m not sure what you are asking for. paying for a DLC in a game doesn’t mean that you immediately get all the new stuff in your inventory, ready to use. what would be the point? fun is diminished when there’s no progression.

also, if the content isn’t what you want or what you will use, then it’s up to you to research the product to see if it’s what you want in the first place. the 2 maps are released to the quickplay rotation without needing to buy the dlc. the rest of the stuff is cosmetic.

baseline: don’t buy it if you don’t like it.

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I’m ok with the new weeklies; i’d just want them to carryover - i don’t play that much v2 a week)

Who cares about cosmetics…
It’s just meaningless garbage.

in your opinion.

in other news, billions of dollars are earned and spent each day because of cosmetics in games

Indeed, my mate just sold a single knife in CS for 30 quid not to long ago lol

Is not exploitation. You know you dont unlock all the cosmetics going in.
If you just got all the stuff right off the bat what fun would that be?
It does give you one hat for each career that you dont need to get from a Bogen Box.

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i like how they changed to 3 weekly quests… but after doing all the quests in 2 hours you have to wait 7 days to continue the progress on the DLC… seems a bit boring mechanic