Why don't you make weekly quest stackable?

I did 25 weekly at last week but i never expect that new weekly will be gone if 25 weekly is not completed.
was that a lie that weekly chest is stackable or people misunderstood?

Was there a promise that weeklies should be stackable? (No sarcasm, really a question.)

I don´t know why they would do this. I never played a game were weeklies/monthlies were stackable. Even the dailies became stackable 3 times through newer / mobile - games.
I won´t think “it´s bad”, but i do think “it´s not neccessary”.

The 3 dailies are just a friendly “Hey for you, if you´ve got no time to play everyday.” I benefit from this, since i´m mostly in hotels under the week. But weeklies should be quite fine in 7 days. I agree that the 25 games are a bit much for more casual gamers, but that´s another thing.
I mean… i missed a lot of events in other games too, just because i had to work or was on vacation. My hope lied on my guildmembers or a trusted friend. So they gave me “special event shards etc.” or my friend did some quests on my account.
Yes the 1st one is not possible in V2 and it´s sad to miss such things in favorite games, but that´s life…

pay 10$ for getting 1 chest per week and it is takes at least 66 weeks for getting all
i don’t think it is reasonable

Oh boy, my wife is not gonna be impressed xD She’s working weird hours this month and can’t play as much, she stayed up late last night trying to finish the weekly and had 21/25. But she had to go to bed as she was only going to get 5 hours of sleep at that point. So basically, her 21/25 has reset back to 0? ouch…

If the weekly quest reset (at least if partially completed), that’s very much unintended behavior. I’m too lazy to search for them now, but the devs did say that the quest and its progress should hold to the next week.

I didn’t have time to finish 25 QP games last week. Besides, it wasn’t even a full week since the DLC came out on Tuesday the 28th, right? This thing ended yesterday (Sunday) since it’s showing 5:20:xx:xx left on the new one… That’s not even a full 6 days… Eh…

I enjoy playing this game in Legend only and I don’t know if I can do 25 games a week. That’s 2-3 wins per day. I can do that some days, but not every day. It’s like this is forcing me to hop on a Handmaiden and rush some Recruit levels. That’s not fun. Can you please reduce that number and make it stackable like the Dailies?

Please be reasonable.

Edit: Or add more than one item per chest, like damn this is very scrooge-y. ;]

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I finished 15 quick plays before the reset. Having missed it is actually nice because now I have zero desire to do quickplays. If I play it will be the level I want with the people I want or bots.
I’d rather attempt to enjoy the game instead of frustration to get a cosmetic for a character or weapon I don’t use.

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