Weekly Quests Seem a bit to high a bar

Since the quests/rewards appear split between each character (VT1/2 they were one set per account), I think they require a bit too much grinding to achieve. For the holiday week end I happen to have the free time to grind a zillion games. However at a more reasonable casual pace it would be difficult to finish one set never mind 2-4.

I’m sure fatshark will be capturing metrics on this (not using this beta holiday week season as a measuring stick hopefully). It feels similar to when VT2 got its weeklys and they took a few too many games to get the rewards.

The grim/scrip quests for instance. They look like 4 games but very often you will only find only 2 or so that’s really 6+ games. Call it 30 minutes a game between load times and storeruns etc. 3 hours per character. 12 hours for all four. Feels like it should maybe be 30%-50% lower depending on if you want more casual players to feel like they are making progress on a couple characters.


I would also like to add that, in addition to it not being fun for them to be a weekly on a per-character basis, I also strongly dislike how the system is set up to force players into specific playstyles. E.G. Kill 750 Dreg with Melee. Yes, it’s apparently party wide, but…why should I, a psyker, be punished if I choose to kill them with ranged attacks?

As mentioned, the grim/scripture quests are also not very fun, but for 2 reasons. 1, they’re both incredibly difficult and tedious to find, especially in a game that actively discourages searching for them (and no, random spawn locations for these items is the opposite of fun). And 2, grimoires in general just aren’t worth running. In addition to the high corruption that appears to not be affected by corruption resistance (grimoire), the ticking corruption also just makes them tedious to run without offering much in the way of advantage.

Which circles back around to taking a long time to get some of the obscene challenge requirements.

They really need to either make the weekly and currency tied to your whole account, or reduce it to 3 weeklies per character with shared currency.

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tying them to the account would clearly be the best, so we can switch to match the gameplay and the improved weapons can help grinding a new caracter once you don’t really need it for your main.


My main issue with this idea that this means you get quarter the loot across all your characters. Or one-fifth if you use all 5 slots, when a new class gets added or something like that. I support it as long as the rewards get a massive boost.

Adding small daily quests (like three per day giving 80-100coin) would mostly compensate this for those able to do the weekly for four caracters every week I think.

At first I was with you, but then changed my mind:
In V2 we play 1 account, here we have a character you main: 15 mission a week (I think it’s the longest quest there) - does not seem to be such a high bar after all - 2 runs per day. Too long? opt of for grims or monster killing - 5-6 runs tops will fill in this quota.
ATM I miss dailies cause I’d like to have more of these coins - you can purchase something useful for them for a change.

The way the weeklies are the only way to get Masterwork gear (excepted random gifts from the Emperor) makes it stink of “we need more engagement from the players” or “we’ll make it pay2win later on”

I would like to add that the actual system is really against the players should be rewarded and incentivised to learn and play multiple classes philosophy.
How can this be the case when tokens and weekly quest are not shared between character ?
I’ll never play an other character during the week if I am at the half of the weekly objectives on the one i’ve playd from monday to thursday.
Even if I want to have fun with an other gameplay, or synergize with friends, I cant because i’ll loose too much by not completing the 4 weekly quest

Please Fatshark, I dont cares about golds but let the tokens and weekly quest be shared with all characters of the account