Weekly quests need to be easy freebies

The moment you give your players a recurring timed reward, they arent playing for fun anymore, they are maximizing the rewards they gain for the time spent. Perhaps in hopes that the game will turn around at some point and make that time spent worth the trouble. Human nature is very driven to optimize their activities to a percieved goal, in this case becoming stronger. The game designer is supposed to subvert this nature by guiding it onto a fun path rather than a laborous path. Personally I think weekly, dailies and daily logins are terrible that prey on natural fear of missing out. So these should just be weekly freebies that boost a casual players income while more dedicated have more grindy options ingame.

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Aside from a few of the weeklies taking time, like 25 missions, or some being a bit random chance like grims/scriptures cause of map conditions. I don’t see how killing x amount of enemies or bosses is hard.

Just play the game and if you happen to complete the weeklies, great. It’s not like sire melk is the only way to gain items. You can just casually play, and upgrade items bought from the store using the crafting.

The weeklies are more so for extending your playtime once you have exhausted other parts of the game.

Also I would point out that weekly freebies would be the same as daily login bonuses, just on a weekly basis…

They are easy freebies. First, not a single one of them is related to any challenge, aside from spending time. Second, only one (25 missions) is somewhat long, taking at least 10-12 hours. But it’s not an overwhelming requirement for the entire week, and anyway objectives are skippable.