Weekly Quest - Sire Melk's Requisitorium - too much grind

Unfortunately the current Weekly Q’s don’t keep me wanting to do them though. I did a few times and actually didn’t even spend too many coupons due to the fact that legendary items are not legendary and the time spent to obtain them has nothing to do with their value. (I played a bit of MMORPG so grind is no stranger to me)

I would like to see a friendlier grind environment than the current sick system that requires spending several hours per character to complete them, even the smallest line of resistance and do tasks of 1-2 lvl difficulty.

I would like to see 2 significant changes to this system

  1. progressive rewards for Weekly Q, for example, a reward for finding 10 ->20 ->30 books
  2. account-wide quests and coins → less grinding. I have 4 characters at lvl 30 and I’m not going to spend so much time with them doing just weekly Q, even though I’ve played various MMOs. I’ve seen enough grind in my life

Fatshark said that they are going to reduce the weekly grind. They are not worth doing right now.
Some of the contracts do not even register progress on them.

Yeah just always reroll for the kill melee/ranged enemies and no deaths ones for now. All others are disrespectful for players time and give way too little melk bucks. The reroll is still broken on them too, showing how little the team cares about the system to begin with.

Posted in a different thread but I would add “lock 1 item a week for a week that you can keep between shop re-rolls”, this makes it so if you get screwed and get a good item on the first day and don’t have the coins you don’t need to scramble to get a weeks worth of missions done in one night.

Case and point: Weekly toxicity - #38 by Rocker_Fox

I think all they need to do is adjust the price of the items themselves.

Why do we need to play two weeks of weeklies to buy one weekly item?

If you get unlucky with the quests you wont even be able to do all of them to get the huge chunk of extra tokens once you finished them all. In that case you might not take two weeks to buy one weekly item, but three.

They are not even worth that amount of work. Especially not those “do all objectives on a specific map half a dozen times in a row” ones. All those items will do in the coming future is being another source of Blessings. An expensive and time intensive source of blessings.

Or, fever dream since its not going to happen anyway, make it make sense that every character has his own quests and don’t hand out tokens, but the available weapons for each completed quest. A revival of VT End Times Questboard, instead of an abominable successor.

I think both of these suggestions are excellent. The word grind is a bit… well… when I enjoy the gameplay loop I don’t consider it grind, and I do enjoy the gameplay loop. With that said, I have played two more runs for the sole reason of pleasing Melk.

I had envisioned a system where you could tell him what level you were aiming for, but your idea is much better – have all quests have levels, say green yellow and red, everything from monstrosities, to number of quests, to grims, to scriptures, to scabs or dregs to kill, and have the final reward be dependent on how many green vs yellow vs red things you did.

… and of course sharing across characters but that bloody goes without saying. The same for goes for constructing materials.