Weekly Quests System completely failed to engage me in any meaningful way

So, 2 weeks of Pre-Launch Beta behind left me with 4 moderately developed characters and 4 sets of weekly quests on Monday accordingly.

You almost certainly have at least 1 medium quest in a bunch. Lets take “15 missions” as baseline evaluation “medium quest”, and it can be rather safe to assume that it will take around 6-8 hours to complete this one. Most other short and medium quests can be completed alongside this one.

My Darktide Honeymoon starts to run out, so I will probably spend around 15h per week in Darktide at best from now on. Which is still no small amount in my opinion.

And now I’ll be facing a choice - either in any given week I will voluntarily lock myself out of 2 characters almost completely or I’m not getting most of the weekly quests currency as it’s value consists primarily of medium-long quests and completion bonus.

As I like to spice things up - I chose to play all characters whenever I want therefore forgoing weekly quest system almost entirely.
I will earn a few hundreds of currency weekly by just playing the game, which will result in 1(one) Orange-Grade item in month and a bit. So the entire system might as well no be here for me.

Which is kinda sad?
I’m gonna dream for a bit - at the start of the week give player a choice between “grindy” quests and “challenge” quests, so those who want more concentrated gameplay would have such option rewarded.
For example “kill monster under 30 seconds on Malice or Higher”, “complete 2 secondary objectives on Heresy or higher” and so on.
Just wishful thinking from the top of my head, I know, there are a lot of other(and probably better) ways to improve the system.

Just wanted to share my experience.