Feedback: weekly contracts are not worth doing

The weeklies are Insane grind, and not worth my time. This has probably been said before, but I will say it anyway.

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I disagree. Weeklies are fine when rerolled grims (when playin damnation onlyl) and complete secondary obj on a specific map. Now an then the daily shop has something awesome - maybe even more awesome once we can extract blessings and getting more curio bases is also a nice investment choice.

you enjoy insane grind then, good for you
most people do not


I don’t really mind the grind so much as the potential rewards you get from them. One weapon from Melk usually costs you about 1 week of 5 contracts plus weekly bonus, a little more if you’re unlucky and most of the time the weapon stats aren’t better than the ones available in the docket shop.

I’ve been playing since pre-release and I have bought 1 weapon from Melk because it had a tier 4 blessing and decent stats. That’s it. In two months time nearly I have only found 1 weapon worthy of purchase in it.

If the weapons in it were guaranteed 360+ base rating I’d have less problems with it since I would know that I’m saving up for a good upgrade. But Melk’s selection also hovers around the same base rating as the shop, so unless the perks and blessing are exactly the combo I need there’s no point in buying anything there.

Edit: also the mystery acquisition is garbage. At least give purple tier or higher on them instead of the entire possible pool. 200 coins for a grey 310 weapon is bull


I have an issue with being limited on rerolls for them. Some objectives are literally not worth the payout due to being 100 coins for like 15 secondary objectives. When I end up with one of those or another that’s just tedious I lose all interest in my weeklies since I won’t be able to finish them without putting in way too much time.

The way Melk’s shop works is purposefully grindy and not user-friendly.

It’s basically a huge middle finger to players because in their earlier interviews, the devs said we would be able to design a specific weapon then earn it through contracts over a certain period of time.
Today, it’s more like “grind away for 2 weeks” then “check Melk’s shop once a day for 2 more weeks”.

It tells me outright that they’re acting in bad faith. I have no expectations that they’ll ever stop.


That’s funny. Just like they lied about finishing the crafting system.

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It doesnt help that the ones which SHOULD be less of a slog, like find 25 scriptures, are now a flipping nightmare of dissapointment due to what I can only assume is bugged scripture spawns. I have done 9 missions now, and I sit at a whopping 13 scripts. Some runs even having 1 or 0 while checking literally everywhere we could think and making the rounds go stupidly long.

The first night of it was so disappointing I just logged off after 3 or 4 missions because I actually LIKE exploring the map, but it felt like it was just a big joke at that point with how un-rewarded I was for taking the time to look.

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The grims and scriptures cannot be picked up sometimes so it is not worth looking hard for them.

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Find 25 scriptures should be find 5 scriptures.
Complete 25 missions should be complete 5 missions. Find 12 grimoires should be find 3 grimoires.
The secondary objective ones specific to maps need to be DELETED.

It takes way too long to complete the weeklies and screams of desperation for engagement metrics and discourages playing multiple characters.

The absence of endgame makes the weeklies taxing, and unsatisfying. The only way to incentivize weeklies would be to reward them at the end of the week, or force you to turn them in. A design choice im glad they avoided. The only endgame is stacking currency from weeklies, which is dissapointing.

I’ve only completed the weeklies with all 4 classes once. I made the huge mistake of doing 25 missions on each character. I recommend to re-roll out of 25 missions, except maybe your “main”.