Contract System Is Inadequate

Let us select our contracts. You did for perks, you can do it for contracts.

I just had to waste upwards of 400,000 dockets rerolling mine for the week until they were halfway acceptable. Even then it kept spinning between the same two garbo ones back and forth, wasting 30-40k dockets each time, and I ended up having to settle for a lower paying “medium” difficulty version of the one I wanted. Level 30 characters with maxed gear should not be getting low and medium difficulty contracts at all, full stop.

Can we PLEASE put in a system where we select our own contracts at the contract difficulty level we want. Come on now, it’s not that complicated.


Edit: Oh wait, you meant weekly contracts, not eh mission board. Nevermind.

They should be - the current system is not acceptable.


It would be nice. I’d also love for them to remove the 5/5 completion bonus and roll it into the individual contracts. Quite annoying to have 40%ish of your weekly (insert w/e the currency is here) tied up in that.

Also way less likely but I’d love for the weeklies to be account wide in some fashion but with a similar overall reward. I don’t get cash shop fomo, but I sure as hell get fomo when it comes to missing my weeklies on any character when I’d really rather play one or two >:( that is a me problem though

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who is rerolling weeklies?!
melks milk money is useless, you only get occasionally a weapon with a perk you want…
why would you waste dockets, to waste milkmoney

“I could use your assistance with a cont…”


Also, as Cedric said, huge waste of time even doing them. Milkmoney is only useful on the rare occasion the goofy git even has something in his shop.

Also, wish he’d stop repeating his lines all the time rahhhh!

3 more steps

“From what I’m hearing you’re surprisingly goo…”

SHUT UP you statues!!!

Vividly remember Luetin in his video before Darktides launch, saying how he hopes the’ve solved the problem with repetitive voicelines and how they can become tiresome and even irritating.

Yeah, that never came to fruition.

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It’s a non plasteel source of (potentially) high rank blessings. If you’re still looking, it’s not completely useless.

After that, definitely useless :frowning:



There’s no profit ensentive in making the contracts experience better for the players :slight_smile:

But they did make it a better experience, to a degree. Now we have tube/cube (and other new types of) contracts and we can reroll indefinitely (there used to be a hard cap on how many times you could reroll).

It ain’t perfect, but it’s much improved. And since materials are shared across all characters, there’s a lot less pain there. Makes Melk fishing for blessings way less of a chore.

It’s marginally better and is now in a state which I look at as: “the minimum of what it should have been at launch”

Yes it wasn’t this way at launch and yes it’s improved but it’s a far cry from perfect, nevermind even good/ acceptable.

There are so many, simple improvements that could be done with essentially no effort and they are simply not even considering them.

  1. X kills of Y enemy in Z way should be → X Kills of Y enemy
  2. Contracts should be progressive from low to mid to high version instead of the rerolling BS we have rn
  3. We should be able to pick the kinds we want or reroll the kind we don’t want for no increasing costs
  4. We should be able to track them mid mission,
  5. should get pop ups for when they are completed,
  6. they should be finished immediately instead of having to talk to sour milk again
    and the list does’t stop getting longer…

Yea it’s not my fav. I’d love to see more improvements.

I was just responding directly to the idea that FS has not improved it because doing so wouldn’t make them money, as you originally stated:

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