MELK (RNG Rage-rant)

I’m sick and tired of Melk Shenanigans!

Every Monday I scream bloody murder, when I have to interact with this pompous KARKER!

  1. Same contracts appearing again and again – not even their final “hard” - and there for - rewarding form. Contracts like “collect 400 plasteel” or “kill 4 monstrosities”… REALY?!

  2. Cost of reroll increasing to horrendous amounts!
    55k was the final price on reroll when I gave up hope on getting “kill 1000 ranged Scabs/Dregs” and just took what was left… which was 750 (not even a 1000!) melee dregs kills when I’m trying to grind Gun Lugger Ogryn penance.

  3. Burning away between 1 to 2kk of ordo dockets to reroll contracts on all 4 Operatives EVERY KARKING MONDAY!

Where is the player agency?! Where is more control in our hands?!

Every Monday I have caffeine detox, because I would start crying blood or pop a vessel or 10 if I had my cup of Joe. Do something with Melk for Emperor’s sake!


A) Progress based remuneration.

  1. All 5 (or more) contracts start at Low threat level – you grind, get rewarded and progress to next level till you finish highest one.
  2. Fixed price for changing contracts, for example 50k per change with dropdown list.

B) Revamp of contract system – contracts never end.

  1. What you grind, is what you get - small rewards flowing constantly based on killing monstrosities, collected scriptures/grimms, killed Dregs/Scabs (with melee/ranged requirement removed), finished missions, saved teammates etc. etc.
    (it would also allow folks to grind for that nice weapon that they cannot purchase because they did all contracts and have no Melk coins left - think of Rejects you seem to address every Comm-link. Not all on Mourning Star are Full Acolytes yet!)

C) Something else entirely like removing Melk fully or partially from crafting system? Melk selling blessings? (It’s a dumb idea - It should be Hadron’s job, but what else can he do? Cosmetics? Another MTX?).

D) Anything really.

Every Monday I’m just more and more convinced that not buying (well… not buying anymore) MTX cosmetics was good idea. How am I supposed to reward your design choices If they seem to be tailored to raising my blood pressure and pissing me off?!



Its good ideas. But i buy from melk almost nothing because i already have all blessings i need.

And if i want good weapon i go grind gold because brunt can (randomly) give me weapon that i want (i can choose what weapon mark exacly). Melk then just pull random to whole new level. Not only gear score is random but a weapon itself. And this is hilariously overtuned.

I want place where i pay millions of money to buy WHAT I REALLY NEED AND WANT.

About contracts. Its what really need improvements.


I was agreeing until you said the words “caffeine detox” and now I believe you must be a heretic.

I think the system is fine for purpose tbh but why not just offer the IV weapons blessings as prizes instead of weapons. I think this would make his store more valuable. The trash he offers for absurd prices is never worth it unless there is a perk to farm from them.


Yeah I feel this.

I had my moment with Malk when he dangled an Ogryn cleaver in front of my face pre rework and I literally spent 24 hours grinding that out when the resources were still siloed. I was so pissed by the end of it that I didn’t even want to touch the game for a week after.

Malk is just another one of those things that they had to shove RNG into because reasons.


Agreed. Melk is garbo and exists only to justify some executive’s furious humping of the RNG ball, much like the rest of current itemization.


Added to the bin.

But I brought up a similar change, though for different reasons. Right now contracts are siloed per character and it incentivizes you too hard to continue playing one character. And sometimes it’s not efficient (like one more dreg melee kill).

They should make them more like VT2 where the weekly contracts are account based so no matter what character you play you’re making progress on them. Then you could just have tiers. Going from simple to hard. 4 tiers, so you get the equivalent of completing all contracts on 4/5 characters (even just playing one character if you want).

That way:
-More efficient time spent
-Doesn’t penalize people who only want to play 1 (or fewer than 4) classes.
-Doesn’t cause burn out. If you don’t have much time to play that week and you want melk bucks, you have to decide on playing only one class that week. Personally I don’t like playing the same class for more than 3 missions in a row. In VT2 I am changing my class after every mission usually.


Meanwhile I reroll the grims/scripts to literally anything that isn’t grims/scripts and call it a day.

And I’ve got 50k+ melk bux that I’ll never spend because I see maybe one item worth buying per month, and that’s across all characters.

Like, who cares what the weeklies are if there’s nothing worth spending the reward money on?


I’m stocking myself on Melk coins for the sake of unlocking ALL of the blessings.
I just need to finish Ogryn to be done, but RNG is not helping…




Dude, why are you doing this to yourself?

Edit: Never mind…

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I learned to stop caring about Melk and Contracts after Melk decided that he would exclusively offer my Psyker all the great infantry weapons and lasguns without ever stocking a Force Weapon or Stave, while never showing the good stuff to my other classes.

Likewise, multiple times logging in and seeing more than one character’s Melk offerings full of nothing but purple items with Tier 3 blessings and item levels below 350, I decided that Melk wasn’t worth bothering with.

Narratively, he’s a tightfisted nob with a far more mundane and limited inventory than he likes to make out.

Mechanistically, he’s a terribly designed retention/progression mechanic that fails to engage me as a user with the product.


Meh don’t care anymore.
Melk doesn’t sell anything intresting
It’s important when you start playing the game for blessings farming.
Now it’s just a “collect another usless material” until it caps number counter

He should sell colors, materials and kitbash deitals for skins.
But FS would never implement something people would like so probably will stay as usless at it is


Just adding daily meme on how angry I am / how much of a prick Melk is, don’t mind me.



Well… maybe not daily, there aren’t many memes with Melk. I have to come up with my own or adjust those with Erebus, Eldrad or Orikan.



I hate Mondays…

Edit: And for why?

Next Reroll price:
Psyker: 67 500
Vet: 35 000
Zealot: 10 000
Ogryn: 67 500

Dockets Spent?
Psyker: 877 500
Vet: 227 500
Zealot: 15 000
Ogryn: 877 500

Total: 1 997 500

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Thats happen to me either.

But now he sells only staffs, but now im need lasguns.

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the missions on the start were so abusive lmao. 25 missions a week, 6 secondary conditions (all books) on X habzone, basically designed to cheat you from the completion bonus. I’m pretty sure all of his single objectives were worth like 100-200 ignots back then too. I remember being short some Melk dollerydoos for power cycler 4 I took a break long enough to miss ogryn cat pants completely I guess. I felt so retained.


If melk can sell grey 380 guns of each type - that would be great


Lol this thread nearly made me spit my coffee out :joy:

I just assumed everyone used melk to farm blessings. Almost never has a weapon with stats better than those offered in the shop…but if I see an IV blessing that I don’t have then I’ll snap it up.

Everything in his shop is so overpriced for the rewards given for contracts. Melk clearly works for FS.


At least you can see before you buy! The armoury takes your money up front then flogs you a randomly generated item.

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