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so looking at melks could we have a combined list of like 20 Weeklies for that can be completed by all classes, and 5 smaller dailies that for something like 200 each so it a 1,000 from that from that one character, as doing all the weeklies on all the character in by casually playing in 3 days leaves 4 days of nothing to work towards on that side of the game. indaddition a upgrade of items so no weapon’s that is lower then 350 spawn in when you hit level 30. because the likely any of them is going to be good is very small. (BTW i still use my shovel and knife from the first day of the BETA). that is how bad the other weapons are incomprasion.

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Or why not just abandon this concept of timer entirely?

You finish Melk’s assignment, then you get another one. And, of course, you have to pay to refuse an assignment. Why does it have to be more complicated than that?


Do i understand you correctly?

You choose to do the lowest tier weekly tasks that can be finished very quickly.
Then you say that there is nothing else left to do for 4 days of the week?

My problem with Melk is a little similar.
As I like to change of gameplay, I tend to pick the objectives that can be completed fast…
Anyways, we don’t really need lot of lingots. I have 15k lingots, I was at 25k 2 weeks ago (but bought lot of blessings).

I really think the contract system is bad. To be honest, I have used the mod that permit to get more characters slots and started a new zealot.
That’s my preferred class, and when I finish the contracts of my first zealot, I want to be able to continue to play as a zealot and get lingots.

I really think that the contract system has to be replaced or:

  • by a system where you pick 1 contract and has to achieve it before picking a new one (it involved an increase of the rewards)
  • by a system where you get lingots at the end of a mission based of:
    • Of you own participation (scabs killed / dregs killed, etc.)
    • Of the result of the entire team

Perso, I prefer the second.

similar to what I describe as solution 1…
If it permits to chain Melk contracts and offer the possibility to switch between chars… I have nothing to say against it.

Something has to be done about item acquisition. Brunt is obviously really bad.
Melk is a little better, but yes, they should increase que min quality

no i don’t the fact is you can complete all of melks quest in 3 days on all character without trying. i do the monster, , collection of matts, Grims and tomes. no player downs. but they aren’t difficult. the weeklies are at best a thing at worst easy. the problem is difficult selection due to time and location. like when i am playing there is nobody playing on D4 or 5. and so it comes down to just random chance that i can get into a D4 or 5 game. so D3 is my go to. after 2-4 hours of trying to get a match in D4 or 5.

i disagree with the ideal of selecting one contract and work on that as a it inefficent at best and annoying at worst as you are missing doing the contracts that could be done like Grims and tomes. constant contracts as Fbolduc said is a good ideal it lets you keep playing away from your class that you enjoy. but if tht the case then reduce the rewards of those after the first 40. as you are reaching something like 20k of melks tokens with 4 characters. 3-4k tokens.

Since reaching lvl 30, the only “get books“ task that i have ever gotten, requires to get 16 books.
16 books requires at least 6 missions played, if at least 5 of these 6 missions have tomes, and you bring all 3 of them every time.

Assuming that you complete all other weeklies while chasing books, you have to play at least 24 missions across your 4 characters (i assume you have 4 since there are 4 classes) in order to clear all weeklies.
Since you claim that you finish all weeklies “by casually playing in 3 days“, it would seem that you casually clear 8 successful missions (with full books) per day, without trying (what ever that is supposed to mean).

With a success rate of 100%, that would still take you 3-4 hrs on each of the three days (2 hrs if you purposely rush low lvl missions, so that you can finish the weeklies extra fast and without any challenging gameplay).
Not sure if 3-4 hrs per day falls under “casually playing“.

i would say playing 3-4 hours is causally playing since most people do play games in a 2-3 hour blocks if not more. on the weekend. i woudl assume that if you can play from 6-9 with little to no break that a 3 hour block or 6-11 there a 5 hour block . ven if you stop for an hour throughtout that period of time. also remember that diffrerent countirs have cultures that effect work efficiencies and hours. 9-5 is standard across most of the western world but a shift work., causal employment and flexible working arrangement skews any notion of time available to play. so if one can play for 5 hours each day that 15 hours there 9you can complete a d4 mission in 20 minutes 30 minutes if your unlucky. 3 mission in an hour. 9 mission in 3 hour setting or 15 mission in a 5 hour sitting. 45 mission in 3 days not unreasonable. especially if you have things like a wholeweekend to waste or public hoildays across the weekes to play. by being constructive with leave arrangement one could next like a 5 day weekend. 3 days 3 hours per day is 27 mission probable more if your playing low level.

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