The fact that weekly contracts are per character, not per account is just toxic design! 4x 25 missions complete? 50 hours per week?!

I am copying a thread from reddit with permision from original author. As this is another horrible design and big concern:

"So if you have 4 characters and you do weekly contracts they are not shared. That means if you get complete 25 missions for each character you have to do 100 missions in 7 days. You will also probably get scriptures or grims for most/all. So let’s say 30 minutes average per mission. That’s 3000 minutes = 50 hours. So on average playing 6 days a week a minimum of 8.3 hours per day of playing, nonstop, mission after mission, no break.

Even 15 missions contracts per 1 character is HORRIBLE, that’s 30 hours per week. For people playing like 2 hours per day maybe in week that’s still impossible.

For whom those contracts are designed? I didn’t play that much even when I was 15 years old living with parents. I still had to eat, you know?"

Fatshark: did you ever for a second thought about this design? Do youe employees have so much free time that they can play 6x8.3h in a week just to do weekly contract for every class? Please tell me how the hell you thought this is good design?


Fatshark has demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of why people kept playing vermintide 2
it wasn’t for dailies
it wasn’t for contracts
people kept coming back because despite all of it’s flaws, it was an incredibly fun combat system to play with and constantly improve in

THIS kind of game design is what feels so godawful as a player
i have a fulltime job, i don’t need to turn my hobby into a second job ffs

sad part is, underneath all of the filth covering darktide, it is a solid game
needs polish but
it’s buried under a pile of garbage anti-player decisions


Yeah, that what hurts me most too :frowning:


Totally agree.

750 kills with ranged weapon , while you are hunting specials only with your ranged gun. (Bolter/Plasma).

or finish 15 missions ? each takes about 15-30 Mins.

that means go on Difficulty one to speed run, which is anti fun, cause basically just grinding.


Wait till you see the 25 missions objective or 15 grimoires. Yeah no, that’s a hardcore grind, especially if you like to play more than one character. And they now said that the reroll of the missions is supposed to be capped at 4, so you can’t even change what you get much.

Granted, the requisitorium is almost useless anyway. The chances of you getting specific weapon with high enough stats (350+ base stat modifier for dmg etc) are ridiculous. It takes weeks to see even a single weapon with 350+ modifier in the normal shop (it seems like 380 is the highest you can get, which means gold weapon at around 550 rating)


It seems far easier to buy weapons from the regular store and consecrate them instead of ever doing contracts. Very crap system.


What I don’t get about this…where did all the dev and design time go? A lot of the basic systems in the game right now feel so poorly thought out, like they were a last minute panic decision. They postponed this game several times over the past year and a half. How, I mean, just, how is it possible to have such a beautiful game and solid combat system and everything around it be such garbage.

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Yeah I agree. there’s a few things implemented that anyone should’ve realized was a bad idea… just the simply math regarding the Weekly things should be rather obvious to anyone that it’s way too much, especially since completing all 5 gives such a large bonus that you kinda have to get all 5 or just skip it all together.

However, the worst offender is imo the specific mission where you need 3-6 secondary objectives on THAT mission. I mean who thought that up? over 3 days, that specific mission I had only popped ONCE… and after finishing that mission the progress didn’t even save… so had to wait for it again… never saw it again.

I feel like a much better choice would be doubling the reward for these contracts and then having 5 of these contracts randomize everyday and you can pick the 5 you wish and “lock them in” until you’ve finished them, and then having a complete max 5 every week as a limit.
This makes it into a daily/weekly mix, where you can pick and choose which ones you wanna do and it gives you a single thing to chase everyday, rather than a big chunk dumped on you once a week.

Then adapting the contracts to be something that can be finished in a few missions at most.

You might also be collecting the contracts you wish for, so when the next week rolls around you’ve already collected the 5 you wanna do that week. Means we can plan ahead as well.


The weeklies in vermintide 2 are literally so reasonable, they are as simply as killing 50 elites or getting 5 tomes at most. Its baffling to me that they changed them into massive grinds and as well as per character


Is vermintide 2 still popular? Might just play that until this this game launches into early access


It’s got the polish (so many great details), it’s missing a solid gameplay loop, incentive to play and a lot of QoL.

This seems to be per team, and it’s something you get naturally, so I prefer these. Kill monsters is perfectly fine as well, and three missions without deaths is at least ok.

The most toxic ones are the “do X secondary objectives on map Y”. That’s X runs on that map alone, with the same character, and it has to be on rotation with secondary objetives and a difficulty you play on.

This is the most baffling part. In it’s current iteration it doesn’t provide anything at all. It’s a worse version of the regular store. Why doesn’t the weeklies give huge amount of dockets instead, if they offer the same things (not counting the “better tier” orange weapons)?

It will give you a bunch fo quality content. Don’t think you’ll find active players for all gamemodes, but for regular missions (base game) and chaos wasters (rogue like, free base game upgrade) you’ll find plenty of both old and new players.


In short: Yes
They give it away a short while ago for free to promote darktide as i have seen in the launcher.
I noticed a lot of new players who play and enjoy it.

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Appreciate your replies, I’ll pick it up at once!

Why the rush Benny? Cannot you just play ONE character for a week, and switch to another the following week? It sounds like you are afraid to miss out on some tokens and shop items :smile:

It counts team kills in coherency tho. So, there’s that. Most people don’t know this.

Errh, no? I mean lol?.. The Contract Limitted Time Acquisitions are some of the most bloated cost to usefulness items in the game… They’re not worth their price… The best bet you have is the random ones you can buy.

Why can’t we just have a shared contract and token system like Vermintide which we can then decide to improve 1 character with? You’re not going to be improving 2 characters in a single week anyway with the current system, so what’s the damn point.

This is a moronic change from Vermintide 2 that was not needed and does nothing to serve retention of the game… Who in their right mind thinks it’s going to be fun leveling a second character and going through the obscene gear “progression” system as it currently is - let alone four times.

No one.



It is just baffling. It is like they only worked on the art and combat and made coin flips for the rest (which was then done by trainees).

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Oi, it’s never a trainees fault. They just do what they’re told to do. Nothing else.

Blame their lead game design “dev”… He has no clue what good designs are.

At this point I am honestly starting to doubt if they even… Have such a person.

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I am right at it, so “no one” is not right.
But yeah, it is not really fun, true.

Whats worse, we only have four classes at the moment - it will be way worse if the next subclasses arrive.
They really need to add the account wide resources and coins back we had in Vermintide 2.

What were/ are they thinking? Even with working crafting and such, it will be a slog to play the game, especially if one levels/ plays a new char (or any char which is not the “main char”).
Plus, if one wants to play any char beside the main one, one will always be in the predicament “collect I resources, which I’ll never really use” (because it is not the main) and “actually I do not really need these resources, better play a char who can use them” (because the other chars can progress faster/ better than the main) - so one will only grind, never having fun, except if one ignores other chars in favour for the main one.

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Right, sorry, I DID NOT mean that trainees are bad or anything!

I just wanted to say, that it seems that all other tasks were done on the side. If one had time. Once in a while. Of course as overtime. Unpaid.

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