Weekly contracts still broken

At this point there is no point in doing weekly contracts.
Either you can’t re-roll the contract you don’t want, or they are just not counting.
For example a weekly contract for me is to Pick up 5 grims. Progress is 1/5 for me.
Went into a mission, we extracted 2 grims from which 1 was extracted by me. And i still have a 1/5 progress.

And on the other hand i’m not sure what the goal of Fatshark is with these weeklys.
I mean the general design is questionable.
Because they are contraproductive with other design choices they made. For example Fatshark wants you to motivate to queue for quick play (to fill up holes in strike teams) by giving you bonus XP for Quick Play.
But you are demotivated on the other hand too to play quickplay, since you need to do the exact mission types you need for the weekly contracts, so you have to select specific missions.

And why did it work in Vermintide but not in Darktide?
Because unlike in Vermintide, you could enter whichever mission you wanted and get progress on the weekly. Unlike here, where not every mission has secondary objectives. And why not?
I don’t see any logic here.

I had one case like this as well.
In that game I got into the map and joined by 3 guys altogether (maybe a pre-made?)
and the scriptures in that game didn’t count.
I’m guessing it might happen when you are solo and joined by a group of people…?

Nah tested that already. Because that was my first thought too.
But doesn’t matter if you join later or not. The weekly contracts are simply bugged. Progress isn’t counting in every possible scenario by random occasions.

Signal boosting this since Fatshark hasn’t fixed it. Not a single one of my characters has been able to advance these since the game launched.