Weekly contract "Finish 6 secondary objectives..."

This week I rerolled Grimoirs weekly because Grimoirs suck, I rerolled a couple of “Kill 1000 dregs/scavs with melee”, which I don’t want to do as a Psyker.
I then get stuck with “Finish 6 Secondary Objectives within the Mission Power Matrix HL-17-36”.

This Weekly contract is way too hard and punishing.
First of all you have to target 1 specific map, which might or might not spawn in the mission table. It might or might not spawn with secondary objectives at all, and it might spawn at difficulty 4-5 which is pretty hard with randoms.

You also have to “Complete” the secondary mission which means you HAVE to get all 3/3 scriptures or 2/2 grimoirs to get progress on the weekly contract. 2/3 Scriptures = 0 progress. And then you have to do this 6 times!

On top of that, there’s a bug that sometimes stops the progress even if you do complete the secondary objective. Last night I did a Herecy 3/3 scripture run and I am still at 2/6 on the contract, instead of 3/6. (Apparently if you play in a strike team, but the only way to actually get the objectives done is with a strike team of friends. Randoms don’t care and just rush and die.)

This week alone since reset I’ve done this map between 10-15 times, and I am still at 2/6. It’s disgusting that I am forced to play the same map over and over to be able to get the 1000 bonus reward for 5/5 tasks completed.
This contract has to be changed or removed, it’s a horrible design for a weekly. It also only gives 210 tokens for completion and is considered a “Medium” complexity.

It should be “Bring home 6 total items from this specific mission” meaning that you can get it completed in a few runs of the same map. Even if you get 1/3 or 2/3 scriptures, it should count towards this total.
This mission has ruined my playtime this week because I feel like I HAVE to play this one map over and over to get my rewards.

Weekly contract “Finish ‘X’ Secondary Objectives within the Mission ‘X’.” sucks. It’s buggy, too punishing, and requires way too much specific farming to complete.


Yup, and everybody seem to hate it. So hopefully it will be addressed.
The quest makes no sense and will be the reason im missing out on the bonus reward.
Im comforting myself with the fact that the premium store never has anything good in it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m exactly on the same spot. Won’t finish this week’s contracts because of this really stupid one.
I mean, if I’m not wrong, the pick up Grim/Script ones at least only require you to literally pick them up. Here you gotta have your team help, then find them all, then finish the mission. And on a specific map! Which would be bad enough if you didn’t take into account they do rotate and it can be unavailable.

This contract would already suck a lot if it was not map-restricted. Now it seems just masochistic.

" I rerolled a couple of “Kill 1000 dregs/scavs with melee”, which I don’t want to do as a Psyker."

Do those, they are some of the simplest contracts. It’s just like VT2, you don’t have to kill them all yourself, your entire team contributes to it.

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POV: you are Sire Melk’s least favourite customer

I condone with the OP because of all the options offered in the bounties, this one is by far the most unreasonable to pursue.
Also, its way past due for the developers to clearly show the number of times we are allowed to re-roll those said bounties.

and i dont know if unlisted feature or bug but i can only do i think its 2 or swaps then it just stops working (7500 price listed)

so my zealot this week has kill 750/100 both ranged! get 25 missions done 6 secondaries in the smether and i think scrips. so yeah might be a good week to finish leveling Cuddles my ogre