Secondary Objectives - Weeklies

When attempting to do the above “Secondary Objectives” mission for the weekly contracts, I just completed a game in the aforementioned map, gathered 3 scriptures and in contracts it only seems to be counting as 1 completion.

Before the mission it was zero, after the mission it’s only showing one. Is this intentional? If I only gather 1 scripture or grimoire, would it still only count as 1 for the contract mission?

Either it needs to count all gathered scriptures/grimoires as completing multiple secondary objectives for this mission, or perhaps the mission texts needs further clarification. (or even better, remove this mission)

Always reroll this one. If you dont have all Grims or Scrips it doesnt count. You need to find all.
ALso it bad becasue its dependent on a specific Mission! Good Luck having the same Mission available

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As Roibr said, grabbing all 3 Scriptures (or all 2 Grimoires) counts as 1 Secondary Objective Completion.

The problem is when you max out your re-rolls and end up being stuck with this secondary objectives one.