Two days trying to find missions with grimoires. No luck

I’m trying to finish a 12 grimoires contract, my last weekly contract, without any luck. I have connected in two different days and I couldn’t find any mission with grimoires except one in level 5.

Today is Sunday and probably I will loose that contract. I find this very disappointing. Why something so basic is bugged or so bad tuned? No surprise this game is loosing its player base.

Even more, servers are empty and I can’t find players to do a mission in heresy level…


True that, amount of grimoires on map pull is catastrophic. Specially Heresy+ difficulties.

I thought those were collapsed with Scriptures into the same contract? Knowing Fatshark they probably forgot to reword the contract description into saying “Secondary Objective items”.

Or does picking up Scriptures not progress your Contract at all?
Wouldn’t surprise me if it was bugged tbh

You should just replace the task until you get some with collect some plasteel, now you can do it indefinitely. Then you can do that in one run and be dome with it.

Because any possible guarantee of achievement means predictability and predictability is death.

Hail Random, God of RNG.

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The contracts are still a waste of time to complete, don’t bother.

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Picking scriptures does not count for the grimoire’s contract. Not in my case, at least.

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He probably had active the old contract since the patch arrived in between the week and not as the contracts refreshed, happened to me too but i refreshed it and got collect x amount of plasteel. One run and i was done.