WEEKLY CONTRACT: Map Specific tasks needs to go away

And while you are at it, remove that 4 limit reroll cap, how can you add a cap when the map-specific tasks are horrendously bad and a net negative to the grind? It’s been a full week soon (counting from the beta too) and it’s still still at 0/6 because there are no smelter complexes up with any secondary objectives. It should be labeled as HIGH COMPLEXITY due to the extreme random rotation.

Then again it probably was intended to make the grind that terrible to begin with. I refuse to lose out on the weekly 1000 bonus due to a terrible design decision.

I want an answer as to why you haven’t removed Map Specific tasks yet, they are a massive stopgap and you know it, at the very least remove the reroll cap; what we do with our gold is our own choice since you intend for us to grind anyway. And at the very least let it be an unlimited reroll until you remove those MAP SPECIFIC tasks from the weekly contracts.

It doesn’t help, at all, that you only get the task completed if you fully complete them. 1 simple grim or tome and it isn’t even enough to count for the mission no matter how hard you look for them even if you come out not full.

Pulling my hair out here, it’s such a masterclass on how to trigger people with OCD or autism.

Sincerely though, the anger I have at not being able to do the weekly tasks that require complete and utter RNG to even do, and no real response to why it was designed this way or fixed before release; is absolutely mindboggling to me.

If I have to sit for an entire day trying to hope for SMELTER COMPLEX with secondary objectives active and miss out on the 1000 bonus, this will utterly kill it for me. Why punish us this god damned badly?

Then again that was the intended way for this grind.