Weekly missions like "complete 6 secondary missions on" are horrible

Weekly missions like “complete 6 secondary missions on” are horrible.

You have confirmed that we can only re-roll weekly missions up to 4 times which is fine I guess…
(I firmly believe you should just keep upping the cost, as people would pay 50k just to re-roll similar above quests)

But then you allow the game to roll the above mission which is absolutely horrible with you map rotation system. I’ve been on and off for hours checking for “Smelter complex secondary missions” as is the horrible weekly, and Smelter complex simply is NOT spawning on rotation. Further more, when it does spawn, it usually doesn’t even have a secondary mission attached which makes it useless for anyone trying to achieve it.

You also have it designated as low difficulty I believe, which it is one of the most difficult, because your map rotation system doesn’t roll the map. The difficulty is in actually having to wait. Then when finally after a day of waiting you finally get a mission to appear? You are either crashing, thanks to the bugs and missing the mission, or you cant pickup a scripture or grimoire within the mission therefore you can’t pass the weekly because you need to finish the secondary within the mission.

You have to be on drugs to think this is a good idea. I’d prefer to search for 25 scriptures or do 25 missions.

Unless I am on every minute of everyday waiting for these to appear, I may as well kiss my weekly bonus goodbye because of crappy system.

Please sort this out, its a kick in the face to people actually wanting to progress on your game, even after all the crashing.


I’d love to see it changed to be either complete x missions in y sector, OR complete x secondary objectives overall.

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This is the reason why I reroll them away on all of my characters. If I can’t, then I simply won’t finish them. It’s dumb and needs to be changed.

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Same, sad part is, i rerolled them into it again 3 times in a row today. And now i can’t reroll them even when i have currency for it xD

These weekly missions need to be Removed or if they must stay the reward must be The highest of any mission by far.

I don’t like to admit but i have almost 500h played

and if i don’t want to do it then the other 99.9% of people im sure hate it too

Pro to getting this weekly #

“There are none”

Bad things about this weekly #

1* “Being real with an average time of 30min a mission that is 3 hours”
2* “The missions are on a timer so you must wait to even be able to do it” average mission time up is 30min so you would be lucky to get 2 runs per cycle = nofun
3* “The mission must have the secondary mission active”
4* " if you miss one item failed time waisted"
5* “mission reward is only 210 junk tokens”
had to edit to add 6* “bots can’t be given the items”

The only way to make people even think they want to do this weekly mission is making the reward 800 or more imop at least if the reward is very high people will be looking to do that mission much more

right now it just feels so bad and unfun if you get unlucky and get this horrid mission
The social tab/system is so broken it is even hard to add people you just ran a mission with
But that is another Huge problem.

Fatshark you need to think about making wholesale changes to systems im sure 20% of the people that have stopped playing will never come back give crafting mats for trading old weapons let us craft weapons why was vt2 not good? make a reward 100% after every mission there is so many sky high walls people just give up look at lfd2 came out in 2009 and has almost twice the active players and dt has been out for less then 1 month.

I will be honest, weekly missions are horrible period.

I have done them on 4 characters for 4 weeks and now feel like I am back playing Warcraft Warlords of Draenor all over again.

I would like to see 3 shared missions between characters + 3 missions for 2 characters you choose that week that would actually emphasize class abilities.
Charge 12 Ogryn as an Ogryn, eliminate 50 elites in ability time as a veteran, Brain burst 20 hounds or electrocute 1000 mods as a psyker or what not.

Or something like that.
The missions as they are are just noxious to player’s play time health and behavior.

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