Weekly Contract for specific Map

I rerolled some low reward contracts to get a bigger one that I can put more work in for higher rewards and got one that is “Complete secondary objectives on Magistrati Oubliette 6 times”

However now instead of putting more grind work in for bigger rewards I am stuck with a contract that largely revolves around me afk at the Mourningstar staring at the missions watching the timers run down hoping to even get the map with a secondary objectives which then requires a 100% success rate to hopefully complete within the week which is now holding me back from completing the 1000 weekly reward for completing all contracts.

The game for me right now is watching maps change and clicking away the afk notification that is detecting no activity as this contract ultimately has forced me into playing the game inactively until the actual map appears. If it ever appears while I am on.

Its not a great system. I would be happy to pay to reroll this contract but it will not let me reroll it now even if I try.