Weekly contracts for each operative is bad and not fun

Why Fatshark decided to make the weekly contracts tied to each operative instead of the main account?

It feels really bad for me and hope it will change in the future, because it is too much grinding and not fun. Also, you have to complete the set of 5 to gain the + 1000? It turns me off for the lategame content after level 30.

I am a casual gamer who plays 10-15 hours/week and it is impossible for me to do all the 4 sets of weekly contracts.


I second this.

It should be like in Vermintide 2 (like most in Darktide, really), where we had some dailies to start with and got each day a new one (if all were done), plus had some weeklies - everything account wide.

Additional to this they could (and looking at the game should) restore the feature that coins and resources were available for all characters/ classes (aka account wide)!