Weekly Contracts are a grinding slog

I have over 800 hours in Vermintide 2 over the last two years, and the weeklies in that game felt great in terms of what they demanded. I do think they should have been a bit more generous with the shillings, but generally getting all the weeklies done was a reasonable ask, and you got rewarded in proportion to how many you completed. Usually you could get your weeklies done in as little as four missions if you got lucky, usually six to eight in the normal course of affairs, and rarely as many as ten. Additionally, progress in the weeklies and the shillings you got from completing them were account wide.

In contrast Darktide’s weeklies take considerably longer to accomplish. There’s one that requires fifteen missions. Fifteen! That’s double what it usually took in Vermintide 2 to do the weeklies. The others also feel generally more onerous. Getting Scriptures and Grimoires is more difficult because their locations are random and easy to miss, which would be a good thing if the number you needed was lower, but instead makes it tedious and frustrating. Then there’s the secondary objective contract, which would be onerous enough if it was completing secondary objectives in any map, but is flat out not practical when it requires a specific map given that both map rotation and the presence of secondary objectives is random. Additionally, nearly half the total reward you can earn requires completing all the contracts, so the rewards are not proportional to effort. Moreover, on top of all that, the contract progress and rewards are specific to one character! Even if you got lucky across all four classes to get the most doable contracts, you’re still looking at something like twenty or more missions to get all your weeklies in. And that’s the best case, it can easily be much more if you get unlucky with the rerolls. That’s just not reasonable in any respect.

I don’t want to suggest any specific way of fixing this, as there are many ways to go about it, and I don’t know what’s easy or hard to do with the code. The point is it feels bad and demands far too much.


I agree, requirements need to be halfed at least.

15 isn’t even the cap. I’ve gotten complete 25 missions 2 weeks in a row.

Wanna know what makes it even better?

The Weekly Contracts reset on a weekly basis, but the shop resets daily.

So you have a hard maximum on coin generated per week, which fluctuates based purely on luck as to whether or not you get the higher paying +530 contracts or the pitiful +120 ones.

The result is that if you treat the weekly contracts as a weekly task, doing some progress on them across multiple play sessions, you will likely never have the coin needed to purchase one of the items before it rotates out unless you already had a huge stash built from previous weeks.

Case in point, yesterday on my Ogryn.
Checked Melks shop on my way to the mission table.
Spotted a 497 Slab Shield for 2860 coins and 70%+ in all stats except Defences at 53% with:
+25% Infested Damage.
+25% Unyielding Damage.
Confident Strike +7% Toughness.
Skullcrusher 3 stacks of 5% Damage on staggered enemies.

As far as i’m concerned, thats the best possible rolls i could hope for on a Slab Shield, the liklihood of running into something better rolled is incredibly slim.
Problem is, I’m about 1k coins short of buying it.
I also hadn’t been playing my Ogryn this week, so my progress on contracts was nil with 16 hours remaining before it cycled out.
I quite literally had no choice but to grind out a weeks worth of contracts in one sitting or lose out and never see anything like it again, or at least not for several weeks.

Melks shop as currently implemented is a mistake, to put it politely.


Yeah, I just found out and came back to the thread register my astonishment that it’s even worse. The longest weekly in Vermintide 2 was I think 10 quickplays, and everything else could be done in less. Furthermore, missions in Darktide run a bit longer than in Vermintide 2. So as bad as it sounds that it takes several times more missions to do weeklies in Darktide than it does in Vermintide 2, reality is it’s even worse than that because of the longer mission times.

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I just made a thread about this and I agree. The weeklies are a waste of time.

I got stuck with two secondary objectives ones and lost any desire to play my Zealot for that week.

The limited rerolls is actually brain dead design.

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It doesnt help that the “better” ones like find 25 scriptures, are absolutely bugged. I have done 9 missions now, and even checking the maps in excruciating detail I still only have 13 scripts. Some runs even ended with 1 or 0!

The first night of this was so disappointing I just logged off after 3 or 4 missions because I actually LIKE exploring the map, but it felt like it was just a big joke at that point with how un-rewarded I was for taking the time to look.

The requirements for them should be cut in half. That’s would motivate me to do them for more than one operator per week


There’s one for doing 25 missions lol. If you like all four classes that’s 100 missions a week. You’re potentially doing a full time job of around ~36 hours (without failing) to do a bunch of malice missions to get the weekly done. Compared to DRG and Vermintide 2… This isn’t reasonable. Hell, even without comparing it.

The game really does feel like it wants me to only ever play one class. I guess DLC characters and classes I will never be able to play, can’t add another individual I need to grind resources for that aren’t shared.