Weekly Contracts and shops need... refinement

So contracts are annoying. They’re all tedious and drawn out to complete. The basic ones (get kills, complete missions,…) all suck to complete. Took me 20 missions to get 1000 scab ranged kills. I knew it took twenty missions because my other weekly was 25 missions. That’s because not only did I get rolled by mission RNG that only spawned dregs, but my ogryn no good on shoot kills. The missions alone can take anywhere between 6 hours to 12+ hours depending on what happens in game. So going across all characters that’s a 40 hour work week just for completing missions and not everyone is a no life degenerate like I am.

The “complex ones” (scripts, grims, complete secondary objectives on Hood’s left bollock 123-XV,…) are even worse. Scripts and grims don’t have set spawns like Vermintide so you have to rub your face on every inch of the map to get them and that’s even with how bad grims still are. Also 25 scriptures? Really? That’s 9 missions fully ran with books. Can’t even find them all most of the time so consider that bare minimum 9 runs and max is infinite because some people don’t get scripts. Without mission select you’re stuck to the whims of fate for completing missions specific ones or not wanting to run difficulty 5 because that’s the only mission with scripts. These suck, bottom line.

How to fix these: Make mission difficulty scale with missions completed. So sedition speed run is one point so 1/25 while a malice is run 3 points 3/25 and so on. Give some reason to play higher difficulties. Or just lower it to 10 missions needed.

Just make it troop (just shove dregs and scabs together into a category) kills. Smash em, shoot em, burn em, doesn’t matter it’s a kill.

Add elites/specials to the contracts. Gotta mean something to kill these people.

Give the books a fixed spawn or make it 10 max for scripts and 0 for grims. (My grim bias is showing but fix them to doing base corruption not creeping corruption then we can talk).

Just get rid of map specific contracts. Maybe do do X number of strike, raids, or repair missions. That sounds easier than waiting for Hab Block to roll around.

Maybe add do X number of modifier missions ie. hordes, dark… No more than 5 mission needing done, ain’t got no mission select and RNGesus is a cruel god thing.

Now for shops because I lump both the basic shop and Melks into one. They’re somewhat fine already but as the title says, refinement is needed. Give them some sort of system where you can put in a weapon type that will make it more likely to show up.

Give the shops a system check that makes it so my shop isn’t just full of axes or swords. Happened more time than I want for both shops.

For Melks shop it would be nice to have a hold item in shop system. It’s 3 days until new contracts, you’ve completed all of yours, and there a nice new gun in the shop you want, but you don’t have enough script. If you could hold onto an item while the rest of the shop rotates through so you can get it next time you get contracts done that would be fantastic.

Please Obese Selachimorpha, make the endgame smoother. I have 600+ hours in Vermintide even though I got everything I wanted with good gear by hour 150, the rest of the hours were because I liked the gameplay. This is feeling like a slog and I’ve been playing WoW for 15+ years, I know what daily grinds feel like and this is worse than that (okay some Xpacks better than other but still).