"Complete 25 Missions"

For a single character? How about no? Ridiculous!

No wonder that this game is already plagued by speed running idiots that just whiz by enemies and wait for the rest of the team to wade through several waves of mobs.

Your game is riddled with flabbergasting design decisions like these atrocious weekly Contracts. Stuff that encourages that kind of toxic behavior. It’s certainly discouraging me from launching your game. Dealing with the game’s poor technical state is all the headache one needs.


Pretty sure they only expect people to play one or two characters at a time. 25 missions is still a lot though. It’s still 7-8 hrs worth at best and that’s if you don’t fail any.


Iam playing mostly Damnation. A round takes usually 28 minutes. Repair missions take 35+ minutes.

25 completed Missions are roughly 12 hours of pure game time. Not including Loadingstar, lfg, crashing, waiting for the shop to reset, or failing.

More than one career is not happening for me.


Fair, but most people who grind weeklies aren’t going to be doing them in damnation. It’s going to be malice or something where you can just faceroll through it.

Anyway, the point was that it’s still a hell of a commitment even in the best circumstances.

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Agreed. I’m still surprised over the lack of BASIC things in a game aren’t even in it as well as absurd things that got past the dev team like the weekly contracts that get ramped up at level 30.
No contract tracking, no full crafting system, lack of weapon, poor “build” choices, no guild/clans, constant crashing 2 weeks after launch, no real campaign (just a run to the board and spam missions back to back)ETC.
How did FS go from V1&2, that had some of these features, to darktide that is the bare minimum ALPHA experience.


This game does not respect your time. This is just one example of it.

That atrocious RNG gear/weapons shop is another fine example of that. And they also went out of their way to make public games even more of an issue with that toxic Penance system. One of the worst systems i have ever seen in my 30+ years of playin vidya games.