Weekly toxicity

The weekly missions are insane. Since the missions might not even be in rotation, and when it is; there are no secondary objectives on i. Sometimes you’re lucky and its there with a secondary objective… on damnation… :smiley:
Yea its not well thought through.

The only Contract type I would love to see removed is complete secondary objectives in a specific Zone.
With RNG Mission system this Contract is just bull and shouldn’t exist at all.


Don’t kills count for the whole team?
Pretty sure I’ve observed and heard that.

It might be while within Coherency but yes, there seems to be some sharing going on. It’s hard to tell because it’s a coin toss as to whether your mission even counted towards the weekly in the first place.

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They do I got my scabs in melee when I was wait to be rescued so your right.

Or they don’t care because its latter in the week and they have done there weekly so they just don’t care about the currency bonus because they have thousands of currency at this point.

I did a post myself about this. Weekly Missions do not reward regular play but bursts of grind

And i really like the Idea of level scaling for progress. Especially, as it’s quite hard on Heresy or Damnation to even get missions where one even can do weekly missions.

It’s February. Negative comments about how toxic and unfriendly weekly missions are date back to November. Also: the comments stay the same, but player base got larger.

Please, tell my why this is not an issue worth your time?

Gonna up vote this. I work at a hospital 40-60 hours a week. When I get home I’m friggin exhausted. But in the back of my mind I’m hearing, “Dude, if you don’t log on you’re gonna miss out on some Melk bucks.” But then I’m like, “Too fu**ing bad. I’m tired and Melk sells crap anyway.” For those of us with lives that take us away from the keyboard for the majority of the week, this weekly system being the only way to obtain Melk bucks is very difficult to achieve.

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Last time I checked, -95% does not denominate an increase in players.

Other than that, yeah I concur.


Yup, I actually did learn after discussing this that it’s per team. I maintain that it should be kill scabs, not kill them in a sub-optimal way.

With that said, the fact that it’s per team and not per person is much better than I originally thought. This is, however, not clear from the description.

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I once had the case where I had to kill dreg with melee and a teammate had to kill them ranged… it brings more disruption than cohesion. Especially when I do these quests in t4/t5 because there are more scabs and dregs…


My work day starts at 3am and ends when I get home @ 5pm. I need to shower eat and spend time with the wife. At most I get a couple of hours to play.

Missions can run upwards of 30-40 minutes depending on the quality of the team and/or speed of finding scripts/grims.

The weekly quests just don’t work for me, especially the scrip/grim portions. Looking forward to seeing how they change this situation, hopefully it will be soon

I meant: problem was reported in Beta, still exists now, after full release (so playerbase got larger because non-beta players joined this hell, and it is much larger population).

I’m going to chime in after a very frustrating play session last night but I’m really wondering how much time their internal test team actually interacted with this system.

Why are the weekly credits locked to a single character? Due to the random nature of the shop itself it’s impossible to know when and on which character something worth buying will pop up. In addition it’s been proven already that some items exists price wise that need more an a week’s worth of grind to acquire.

This popped up on the first day of weeklies. It’s not like I could lock the item or anything so I literally had to get an entire set of missions done just to get that one item and the kicker is that it took all the weekly credits I had for that character so if I see anything else I want I’m SOL.

Now mind you I have the weekly credits on other characters because I just haven’t gotten anything worth grabbing on them but since it’s not transferable I was in for the long haul.

I started at probably 9 or 10 pm and it took me till like 12:30 pm the next day to finish.

This was due to a variety of factors like actually having to stop and take breaks, wipes, crashes, downtime to tool gear and the mission terminal just not giving me what I needed.

Even looking at the minimum number of missions if everything went perfect (which, of course, things did not go perfect) that’s still 14 missions and assuming 20 minutes per mission (which some took a lot longer because of various reasons like glitched scriptures or grims) that’s still a little over 4 and a half hours worth of missions.

The worst part is that is the LOW end for what’s required while still having enough points to get the item because I could have gotten really unlucky and gotten “play 25 missions” and would have just given up.

Never has a system had so little respect for a player’s time.


Been there, done that. Haven’t opened the game since January 1st. Everything, and I mean everything, apart from the in-mission gameplay just makes me groan. And with the gameplay itself I have other gripes.

My solution is that of may others; leaving for now. I will return after some big content updates drop.


Yeah Fatshark really, REALLY needs to take “LIFE” into consideration here.

You have a good list of things that will make completing the weeklies a real pita - but let’s not forget just plain old bad groups. On most of these I’d just rather run with bots than deal with all the bad players.

I love this idea, please implement it FS. You could then have the same stages at the bottom level with a different bonus for completing all easy, all medium, and all hard (500/1000/2000 maybe).

I would also like my weeklies to carry over to the next week (but I can reroll in case I have the bloody thing that requires me to play certain missions that are not in rotation).

… and make sure that we can reroll more times. It’s the only use for money I have found in the game.

TBH the rest of their design decisions don’t respect our time, so why would they change this to do so?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if Fatshark actually would start respecting our time with their design decisions, but at most we’ve seen is side grades to the amount of time we need to put in.

I got a melk for 8 missions so at least they removed the 25, its a step in the right direction.