Weeklies - Discussion & Poll

So, I would like to know, which weeklies you pick and why.

Also below I explain which ones I pick, why & what I think they could do to make them better.

I made a poll. You got 5 choices, for the 5 weeklies you usually pick:

  • Missions (8 or 25; Reward 310,435)
  • Missions with no Deaths (1,3,6; Reward 120,280,580)
  • 16 Grims or Scripts (Reward 700)
  • Plasteel 400 or 750 (Reward 290,600)
  • Diamantine 100,200,350 (160,370,700)
  • Kills: Monstrosities (2,4,10; Reward 160,370,?)
  • Kills: Dregs with Ranged (750 or 1000; Reward 230,530)
  • Kills: Dregs with Melee (750 or 1000; Reward 230,530)
  • Kills: Scraps with Ranged (750 or 1000; Reward 230,530)
  • Kills: Scraps with Melee (750 or 1000; Reward 230,530)
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Source for Rewards and such:

I’ve never seen a “25 Mission Contract for a Reward of 435”, but the wiki metions it so I included it.
I’ve also never seen a “Kill 10 Monstrosities contract” either and the wiki has a blank spot for Rewards on it. That’s why the “?”.
I also excluded “Pick up 12 Grimoires for 250” and “Pick up 25 scriptures for 580”, because I’m pretty sure those got replaced by “Pick up 16 Grimoires or Scriptures for 700”.

Personaly I think the Contracts are in a desperate need of a rework.

Which I usually pick are:

Always: Plasteel & Diamantine + Monstrosity Kills

Mostly: Missions (8) & 16 Grims or Scripts

Seldom: 1 or max 3 Mission(s) with no Deaths

Why do I pick those:

  • Plasteel & Diamantine do themselves. Also more Plasteel…

  • Monstrosities you pick off along the way. Can farm them in Mealstrom or Assassination Missions. Easy.

  • Missions: Well, you just do them. Depending on how many characters you do weeklies for they can be annoying.

  • Scripts & Grims: Grims are outright awefull. I think we all agree on this.
    However Scripts are actually pretty easy. They give the most Melk Money too,
    with 700 and have little effort.
    Depending on how willing your team mates are, you only need 6 Missions to get them all.
    Unfortunatly not everyone is willing to do those, which often brings this up to 7 or 8 Missions.

  • Missions with no Deaths:
    Oh, Boi. Should be easy.
    It’s not.
    Someone, somewhere manages to kill themselves or another team mate even on Sedition.
    No matter how much you play shepherd… barrels, deamon host, jumping over ledges,
    rushing & going down far away. Running the map backwards & getting lost and dying…
    They are creative. :expressionless: One or three max of those is usually enough to make me puke.

Why I don’t pick Kill X with Y anymore:

In my experiance those take the longest and something always gets in the way.
Either you need Dregs and only get missions with Scraps and vice versa
you need melee kills and you end up with guys who shoot EVERYTHING and vice versa.

It’s really tedious…

Personally I think most of these could use a rework.

I would like to see this:

  • Missions (8; Reward 400) - Can stay, but needs a bit higher Reward

  • Missions with no PLAYER Death (1,3,6; Reward 120,280,580) - Only YOU not dying counts.
    I’m not a babysitter!

  • 16 Grims or Scripts (Reward 700) - Grims need SOMETHING, Scripts should give SOME Bonus,
    that makes people more willing to take them

  • Plasteel 400 or 750 (Reward 290,600) - Can stay

  • Diamantine 100,200,350 (160,370,700) - Can Stay

  • Kills: Monstrosities (2,4: Reward 200,400) - Can Stay, maybe a bit higher Reward?

  • Kills: Dregs & Scraps with Ranged & Melee (750 or 1000; Reward 500,800) - Combine Kills! ;
    Higher Reward!

Honestly, I’m overall underwhelmed.
When I heard “contracts” the first time,
I had this idea of “special missions”, in the missions, which one could fulfill.

Not only are the weeklies boring, they also turned out to be really, really tedious.
Right now I’m only doing them to get the last Tier IV Blessings
and after that I’m probably not going to touch them with a 10 foot pole.


The “bounties” are only tedious if you’re focused on specific objectives.

The only ones I re-roll are grims/scripts as they’re the only ones that aren’t easily/organically achieved throughout the course of normal play.

I’ll agree, though: they’re boring. They’re uninspired at best and frankly unnecessary in their current state. Feels very much half-baked, like so many of the support/reward systems of the game.

The only reason I bother completing them is on the off chance that Sire Melk will end up with a piece of Wargear that has a blessing I’m trying to obtain. I’ve gotten a decent amount of the missing blessings this way, but there are a few that remain elusive.


I always reroll grims/scriptures because with the current reward system it just doesn’t worth it. Thinking about it now I’d actually like to see 2 separate contracts for them: 16 scriptures / 8 grims instead. And make the rewards worth taking them of course.

I’d like to challenge myself with grim runs (probably would look for a premade group of players who also do) and wouldn’t mind to have them in Auric Maelstroms as well. At this point any extra challenge is welcome but for no rewards I cannot be bothered.

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I usually just try to get the missions done on a single character, and then get plasteel and diamantine on the other 3 if I can bring myself to care.
I only picked “kill Monstrosities” (I’ve definitely gotten a higher requirement than 4 in the past, but it wasn’t 10), Plasteel, and Diamantine, as the others depend on characters.
I usually go for kills, though whether melee or ranged depends very much on the character. On a zealot, melee kills come easily, on a veteran or Psyker, I prefer ranged.
I tend to avoid the 8 missions, as that would require me to do 8 successful missions (aka usually 10-15), on the same character, within a week (actually within about 3-4 days that I have time and energy to play). On a long mission, the “kill 750 of smth” can already be half-satisfied in a single go, and it counts on mission failure, as well.
As for picking: If I can’t get something palatable on 5 or so rerolls, I usually just switch to another character, and then play whatever gives me the best chance of doing all 5.
As I limit myself to buying missing blessings, I don’t technically need more than 5k or so a week at the worst of times.
Just finishing 8 resource collection quests almost covers that.

I couldn’t pick 6, so I had to drop one of the Kill contracts from my vote.

Plasteel/Diamantine, they’re no-brainers.

After that, Kill X Scab/Dreg contracts. I’m not rushing to complete contracts generally, so I’m not trying to optimize for mission count or anything. I’m fairly sure the contribution still applies even in a loss.


mats, missions and monsters.

The only ones that aren’t at least mildly annoying are the Plasteel/Diamantine ones, and the Boss one. Bosses are at least consistent enough.

The rest are also just annoying; RNG can make it so you barely see the enemies you want to kill in a specific way.

Just straight-up “get x kills” is a better way to go than really involved stuff, sorry to say. VT2’s missions were kinda boring, themselves, I prefer that to them taking a lot of time.

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Plasteel, Diamantine, Monstrosities, X kills on Scab and Dreg (if possible both the same type of dmg source so I don’t havt to micromanage which type to shoot or stab).
With a tendency to prefer ranged, since all the other players shooting means you get melee kills a lot rarer, especially on Dregs.

Simple and fast, in 2-5 missions you are usually done.

The others are obscene and take forever.


i don’t bother paying attention to them, i just check with melk every few missions ti pick up what i finished off. i’ve got enough of them that if i feel like i need something he’s got i can grab it without worry. can’t imagine feeling the need to actively grind them out.

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Well, that’s how the grim contracts worked at the start.

People complained about being stuck with Grims,
which they disliked and then they got “unified” into one contract with the Scripts.

I do the ones I can passively do without worrying about whether people die or whether QuickPlay will give me secondaries or even whether I complete the mission. If you’re playing on harder difficulties, where you fail a lot, with QuickPlay randos there’s no point.

Which calls into question whether the weeklies are that engaging.

Additionally, since RNG is so bad, I barely use the melk stuff anyways and stopped caring.

I think they should combine the weeklies. Make them like VT2 (account wide not character based)

They should just do it like DRG and have specific maps/missions that are weekly challenges to encourage people to play together. Maybe they have some theme or modifier.


Used to pick the 8 mission one in place of one melee or ranged, but since i now rarely play under damnation and usually quickplay, i just go with plasteel/diamantine/monsters + 2x ranged or melee depending on class.
(vet and psyker ranged, zealot and ogryn melee usually).

Thankfully I’m nearly done with my blessing collection (at least as far as Melk is concerned) so now it’s more for building a buffer in case they add anything useful down the road, so optimizing time spent is more important to me than total currency gained.

Has it been enjoyable to grind that currency solely to get access to some blessings without crafting god knows how many items + getting lucky on RNG?
Melk’s store, much like crafting (and to a lesser extent Brunt’s store), needs an overhaul on the rng spread and locks to make it even remotely worthwhile outside of hoping for blessings you don’t have.

I’m also 100% for an account-wide weekly bounty list rather than individual toons, provided the end result is the same amount of currency as current 4-5 toon runs.

Hell, they could copy FFXIV and add a mentor system so people could queue up as newbies, and people who feel they could sherpa/carry/mentor could queue quickplay as mentors for extra resources (double the credits/plasteel as an example?) to help the new guys out with things like gameplay tips when moving towards damnation.


I really like the idea of a mentor system.

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Missions with no deaths and scriptures/grims, those are dodged every week no matter what.

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The poll doesn’t really answer my needs, so I’m not participating to avoid skewing the results. I don’t choose to pick any specific weeklies, that would be far too expensive, and I just don’t care which ones I have anyway.

My only concern is that I do NOT have any of the following:

  • X missions with no deaths
  • 16 Grims or Scripts
  • X missions (for any class other than psykers)

And the reasons for each are:

- X missions with no deaths -

I play on T5+ exclusively, and almost always quickplay with pubs. So this is just not gonna happen.

- 16 Grims or Scripts -

A million reasons. But to name a few:

  • Scriptures: The reward money is so tiny you need 4 runs with all 3 each to afford a single grey off Brunt. That’s barely worth even clicking on them, and nowhere near enough to lose a single deployable over. And anyway, with QP it’s almost guaranteed I won’t be getting enough books to complete this by the time I’ve done the rest.
  • Grimmies: While the reward is better, it’s still only money and endgame isn’t about that. Meanwhile the risks skyrocket, tripling or more, yet losing hits the one resource that endgame absolutely is about: that plasteel. 2 grimmies also instantly puts my psykers and vet below their last wound, and I’m not keen on wasting perfectly good curio perks or blessings for them. Meaning the attempt alone makes me play in black & white and on sudden death mode, neither of which is that appealing to me.

Note that I don’t mind participating if the team wants to do them. The challenge can be fun after all. But no way am I going to actively pursue those in every game until done.

- X missions -

Everything else will be done long before this one. I main psykers so I can’t guarantee I’d even be interested in doing the average ~6+ missions (have to include failures too) on other classes. Fine for the psykers though. :smiling_face:


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